another word for guys commonly used in Ireland, Scotland and some parts of England and Wales.
"Lads, will ye be shut up!"
"Lads, are you going to Cian's party tomorrow?"
by Soldieron February 14, 2012
A word made popular around Manchester by Richard Keane.

1. The traditional meaning of this term refers to a male human being, usually somebody who is quite young or younger than the person saying it such as a child.

2. Same as above but used in a derogatory way to put somebody in their place for talking to their superiors in a bad way.

3. Used as a sign of affection between two males addressing each other.
1. "Dorothy's lad's growing up fast."

2. "Don't give me cheek, lad."

3. "Alright lad?"
by GF August 23, 2004
A young Australian man/boy, generally between the ages of 12 and 25, who, due to a lack of any real parenting or discipline, lack the social aptitude for any real friendly connection or meaningful relationships.

As they find it difficult to attract real people these individuals gather in large groups and prey on the small and the weak in an attempt to hide their inherent fear of their own weakness.

Easily distinguishable by their nautica, saucony, and other sporting brand clothing (ironic in that even the healthiest lad pulls enough cones and smokes enough cigarettes that even light exercise such as running from police and beating down 8 year olds with their mates tires them out); not to mention various other ridiculous clothing and hair choices such as the famed nike TN's, which take many dole payments to acquire, the nautica white cap, and, worst of all, the rats tail, which has in actual fact been proven to cause severe mental disability.

the lads female counterparts, known as "lasses" (luminary I know), are generally very similar to lads in the respect that their parents mistakes create a girl who, with no self respect or ability, allow these lads (many at the same time), to stick them with their miniscule, unprotected excuses for penis's.
this in turn creates a new generation who, with their teen parents unable to provide them with even the most basic education in any academic or moral sense, turn into even worse versions of the preceding generation.

this is a vicious cycle as this causes a rapid degeneration of social behaviour in sydneys western suburbs.

As already mentioned, lads are known to roam in large groups and single out those who they sense are weaker then they are (with 10 of their mates), this list of weaker people involves women (though in many cases they still get their asses kicked), elderly people (who still can sometimes successfully fight back), children (same goes), and the mentally and physically handicapped (im sure you can guess what this caption alludes to by now =P).

They can usually be found in three places, namely any train station, as this proximity to transportation allows them to mobilize to other towns for parties or gang bash/rapes, on the trains themselves, where they amuse themselves by playing rave music on their phones, attempting to pick up, and tagging, and finally, at every damn party i seem to go to, where they insist on fighting everyone.

it is unknown from whence the lads originated, however, in a few short years they have spread from the western suburbs of sydney to lithgow in the upper blue mountains. if this trend continues it could turn into a countrywide epidemic of massive proportions, but as soon as the NSW government passes laws legitimizing their eradication as vermin the issue will be quickly resolved.

Or so we can only hope.
words cannot describe just how massively lads fail
by Sir Badass Killington July 13, 2009
An Australian Name for a teenage guy who is always wearing nautica polo shirts with the collar up like hes some big deal, some kind of champion tracksuit pants or shorts, Shox or Tn's and a Dri fit with a rat tail pocking out the end. They usually all think there hot shit and speak alot of piglatin e.g. "adlay" "illchay" "eshays". Usually into techno and hardstyle and are good at shuffeling or Gabbering, which looks like there feet are moving to fast for there bodies and there in the middle of an epeleptic fit of some-sort. They spend there days at train stations or shopping centers bumming around, rolling people and tagging(graffiti) trains and walls.
Lad1: aay bra sdoin?
Lad 2: Nothin adlay just illchin how bout you

Lad 1: yea just rolled some old cunt haha!
Lad 2: eshaays braa!
by Dee.x December 06, 2009

An Australian Term Used to Describe Teenagers Who wear Nautica, Ralph Lauren Polo, Or White Nikes Hats, Tilted Upright Revealing the Front of Their Hair. A Striped Nautica Shirt (Jersey) With the Collar Popped, and either Saucony or Nike Trackpants. Nike and Canterbury shorts are also acceptable. Finished off with a pair of Nike TNs.

Lads are generally the more popular kids in highschool and are respected by some of the students, but feared by most. Lads go around "Staunching" people for money, clothing, phones ... pretty much anything that could in some way make them money. Lads usually smoke, and a good percentage of them pull cones. A Small percentage of them pop pingas (Pills, also known as "illpays")
Lad: (talking to Lad2) Sdoin Lad!
Lad2: Not Much lad you?
Lad: nm, illchin.
Lad2: True

Lad: (Talking to innocent little emo kid) GIMME YOUR MONEY LAD OR ILL DRILL YOU.
Innocent Emo: huh?
Lad: (Hits Emo, takes money and shoes and runs away) ESHAYS!
by Jayskes September 20, 2007
An alternative word for the male member. Often used in Ireland.
"He took his lad out and waved it at Father Byrne. My mother nearly died!"
by PRAEst76 February 10, 2005
Slang term for those Australian gangsters who they own the world. Easily recognisable by their fair skin, WHITE nike dri-fit hats (thats a must), polo ralph lauren, nautica, tommy hilfiger tshirts or sometimes nike tshirts. They also have those stupid baggy Everlast hoodies. They wear Nike shorts or tracksuit pants and pimp themselves up by wearing Adidas Bounce, or Nike Tunez shoes.
Lad 1: Oh yeah bra, lets bash up someone bra! Oh yeah, you like my new dri fit bra?

Lad 2: Fuck yeah! You're real lad bra!
by Da Barefoot 79 August 21, 2008

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