Commonly used to refer to larey British young adults. In modern culture however, the word takes on a greater meaning. The distinction between a "Good Lad" and a "Shit Lad" are socially judged between fellow Lads, and "Good Lads" are only awarded to those deserving respect. Admittedly this can often mean womanizing, though, to contemporary Lads, masculine-yet-chivalrous acts take on higher precedence.

Lad anecdotes can be seen and rated on truelad.com
"Walking towards a bloke arguing with his girlfriend down some shitty alley, he shouts at her and slaps her across the face, so I walk up to him and fucking twat him, just absolutely floor him. Righting wrongs LAD"
Good Lad: 1928 - Shit Lad: 72
by tomozwaila June 01, 2010
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another word for guys commonly used in Ireland, Scotland and some parts of England and Wales.
"Lads, will ye be shut up!"
"Lads, are you going to Cian's party tomorrow?"
by Soldieron February 14, 2012
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The most disgusting, scum of the earth, pieces of shit. They think they are top shit but everyone else thinks that they are complete losers. A dissapointment not only to Australia, but to the human race. They wear white caps, strippy polo shirts and dirty sneakers. They are usually skinny and look weak. They usually hang around train stations or shopping centres, tagging walls and speaking their own complete fuckwittage language. If there could be any law in Australia, it should be to make these little pieces of shits go to some shitty little island where they can listen to their shitty music music, take their shitty little pills and just shit all over each other.

Look at their fashion sense, eurghh seriously go and wear some jeans or something...
by Lampshade123 June 20, 2010
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Guys that think theyre hard. They generally wear Sports caps, stripy polo shirts, footy shorts or nike trackpants and Nike Tns. They go around starting fights with younger kids thinking it makes them look big, and gate crashing partys no one would invite them to. You'd find them hanging out front of shopping centres smoking and talking themselves up. Also Lass which is the female lad. Lasses act and dress just like Lads.
Lads also have really small bags?
Person with a life:Those Lads and Lasses crashed my party!
Another Person with a life: i know ! i wish theyd just realise theyre not cool already *sigh*
by Penny G November 06, 2007
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Lads are usually teenagers that fail in school and drop out, spending their lives 'bumming' around the same place 7 days a week.
They can be spotted by their white caps (usually of polo brand) tilted up showing the front of their hair. Also they wear shorts (also of polo or nautica brand) no matter what season it is, they wear them even when it is snowing, they also wear polo or nautica shirts, with the collar popped up and lastly they wear sports shoes, in most cases nike TN's.

man that party was so sh*t, yeh man all those lads and their sh*t taste in clothes, it was -10c and they still wear shorts
by Aidan Chan October 18, 2005
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An English phenonemon, lads hang around in packs, drink heavily, watch soccer and attempt to kill each other afterwards, enjoy pictures of bare naked laydeez while singing inane and tuneless songs all too loudly, such as...
Oh we are the lads, we are the lads, we are, we are, we are the lads!
by Elroy June 08, 2003
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A teen generally located in Western Sydney, Australia. Usually thinking they're the 'shit' or they're 'all that.'Generally uneducated and small minded, only "skills" are stealing and attempting to fight. Wears football shorts or adidas track pants and a polo shirt with the collar up. Generally dirty, skinny and bogan looking. Unliked by everyone except each other. Also abundantly uses the word 'eshays' which is a word the lad subculture invented themselves.
lad 1 - hey bruz,
lad 2 - yo bro!
lad 1 - just fuckin' rolled some cunt for his fannypack.
lad 2 - ESHAYS cunt!!!
lad 1 - Yea boi!
*they start sucking each others cocks*
by Brian1212121 January 18, 2008
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