A word that is shouted with enthusiasm in response to another person, as a way of clarifying that what they have just said and/or proposed is something stereotypically masculine and loutish.
<Carl> Check the rack on that!
<Bob> Lads!!

<Carl> Hey guys, let's get pissed on lager and then go out and play rugby and then make sexist/homophobic jokes for a while and then whistle at "fit" girls in the street.
<Bob> Lads!!!!
<Carl> Lads!!
by Strach May 07, 2006
your penis
my lad got wackhed three times last night.
by david April 30, 2003
See definition of 'white cap'.
Examples described in depth in the defintition of term 'White Cap' A.K.A 'lads'
by Alexxy Taylor September 27, 2005
1) Can be randomly shouted in a conversation for no reason

2) Can be used to describe anything from actions to descriptions

3) "Being Lads" Acting like lads and being proud of it

2)and then it was just lads

3) I was just bein lads, t'is the season to be lads
by Sleaz-E-Lee April 14, 2004
Boys usually,

or sometimes girls' legs are referred to as lads.
"show me the lads" -
^^ "show me the legs"
by H*Z February 16, 2009
lads think of everything in terms of odds. Lads put on coupons, lads take saunas on a friday, lads love sesh, lads love banter. Lads dance jiggs round tables at christmas. Lads are soccer casuals.
"you comin out tonight lads?" "i'll give you 9-1 on me meeting you in the goat, lads"
by allan mcgarry March 18, 2008
used to refer t only one person by a lad in havers lane
erm.... LADS LADS, admit u must admit u must lads
by Anonymous October 07, 2003

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