an australian teen who thinks they are gods gift women and men alike.Generally seen whereing a white polo hat yellow nautica shirt with blue strips with the collar popped up and a red nuatica t shirt with a collar popped. And yellow nuatica shorts. really the most popular people in boys high school for some reason.
people in high schools who think there cool.
by martin October 15, 2004
Mainly, but not limited to, a group of males, 10 or so in number, dedicated to the purpose of walk, talk and act “hard”. The untrained eye usually mistakes them for exclusively wearing white cap, polo shirts and track pants, however that is wrong. There have been actually reported sightseeing of “lads” not wearing anything at all, but this is often accompanied with great volumes of alcopops.

Domestic violence, petty theft and general ignorance will often be associated with the term “lad”, and more times than often they end up being the victim. This is due to physical and mental attributes that goes along with being a “lad”.
Drunken lad stumbling outside a pub after being kicked out for offensive behavior.

Random person: “You’re a proper LAD! Come here you SCALLYWAG you!”
by swag wag September 19, 2015
A noun said at the end of every second sentence I used in south-west Ireland reference to anyone.
As in "well lad" " how's she cutting lad" the lad is usually drawn out to sounds like "laaad"
by wahised April 09, 2015
A term used to describe a young person who has not reached manhood. The Australians, due to the settlement of irish convicts in 1788, associate the word lad with a criminal of irish decent. Through the years, due to popular culture in the british media, they have changed their uniform from iron helmets and chest plates to nike tns and nautica shirts.
ned kelly was the first "lad" in australia.
jason moran (Victoria gangland killings) was just a well dressed lad.
all people from ireland during the 18th century were essentially skinny white kids that get in trouble with the law lad.
by someoldbitch May 08, 2013
British word for a stereotypical male, who beds then sheds many females, drinks beer ceaselessly and whose life revolves solely around sport. The worst kind of human being.
Male 1 : Did a girl up the arse last night.
Male 2 : Lad!
by knightofmusical July 07, 2010
Retardish "Hard" people, who insist on telling people how cool they are, the blond hair really makes the Lads look real masculine, a basic lad on sighting anyone who isn't gay like a lad who is wearing more than 33% of their clothing black they would be labelled, Emo cunt. A lad who is rejected a smoke from anyone except gay lads will gather his lad friends with their signal aiaiaiaiai! and any close lads will then proceed to Smash that emo cunt, no matter what clothing the sensible one wears.

A lads vocabulary:
Razor emo
Lad 1: Eshays! i jus rolled em emo cuntz, fkn bitches wit dere slipknot shirts

Lad 2: Yerr! Did they throw any of there cunt emo razorz at ya!

Lad 1: Yea, I'm so hard aye!
by Infadibulum December 16, 2007
A member of a group based on the internet that are always cocky, arrogant & drunk. They tend to be unemployed with ginger hair and freckles. Usually plump.
Shall we log on and chat to the lads?
by buckfastunited December 07, 2013
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