Australian young boys that travel normally in packs. They always wear sport brands such as Nautica, Addidas, Puma.. etc and have the baseball caps done up tight and tilted up at the front. However the most prominent feature is their Rat tails. Usually plaited at the back of their head or the side.

They have prominent accents (differnt from normal aussies) like:
"Yeeeah Bruuuh!" (with a horrible nasal voice) and smoke dorries ("rollies" which are roll it yourself ciggarettes), particularly WhiteOx.

They speak in pig latin and their greeting call is:
“Eshayzz Bruhh!” Meaning “Hello, How are you?”

They graffiti ("tag" or "graph") They normally have a ridiculus four letter word, normally an odd collection of letters to avoid disputes with other “lads” over the same “tag”. They also tag their “CREW” names, which is normally a three letter representation of a three worded crew. Eg: “HSL” would stand for “Harsh Sydney Lads”. Their crew is a member of trusted friends that go out together and “graph up” places illegally and run from the cops. They also make illegal videos and sell them through secret illegal blackmarket shops normally registered as selling something else.

They drink Goon (cheap wine) and normally have a "Goon Sack" wine in the silver bag that is normally inside a box of wine.

Their preferred type of music is hard-core techno. Think Dj Neophyte and Dj Caffeine. They have a special type of dance that goes with it called:

1) Gabber
2) Jumpstyle

Gabber, is usually done by moving the feet back wards in a moon-walk like fashion while simulating punching the ground infront of you alternately with their hands. They will usually nod their heads in time with the beat, trying to be hardcore.

Jumpstyle, is usually done by jumping up and down alternately twisting and kicking in different directions.

A female version is called a "LASS"
Person #1: Hello

Lad #1: Eshayz Bruh!

Person #1: What did you do last night?

Lad #1: Gone out for a ain-pay bruh! graphed up tha traino at rivo bruh! Got on the goon sack to, fuckin' yeeeea bruh!

TRANSLATION: "I went out graffitying a trainstation at Riverstone. I also got pissed on cheap wine. Yes, brother."

by aussie.female.witness July 19, 2008
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A subculture of Australian youths who copied the CHAVS from the UK, They like to wear clothing such as Nautica,Nike,Adidas, Hoodies and wear white nike baseball caps peaked up,They like to hang out in shopping centres public parks drinking alcohol and taking drugs and harassing anyone who is smaller and weaker than them but run or back down as soon as you stand up back to them, So basically little men but big coats fit them
Normal Person 1:"Look at those idiots over there acting real hard because they're drinking liquor in the park and shouting out stuff at people"

Normal person 2: "Oh what do you expect look at them they're lads"

Lad 1 "Eh bra just got dis new push bike bra"

Lad 2 "Sik cun who'd ya roll for that"

Lad 1 "Sum lil 10 year old he even cried for his mummy"
by Harry69 June 09, 2009
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An alternative word for the male member. Often used in Ireland.
"He took his lad out and waved it at Father Byrne. My mother nearly died!"
by PRAEst76 February 10, 2005
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An Australian Term Used to Describe Teenagers Who wear Nautica, Ralph Lauren Polo, Or White Nikes Hats, Tilted Upright Revealing the Front of Their Hair. A Striped Nautica Shirt (Jersey) With the Collar Popped, and either Saucony or Nike Trackpants. Nike and Canterbury shorts are also acceptable. Finished off with a pair of Nike TNs.

Lads are generally the more popular kids in highschool and are respected by some of the students, but feared by most. Lads go around "Staunching" people for money, clothing, phones ... pretty much anything that could in some way make them money. Lads usually smoke, and a good percentage of them pull cones. A Small percentage of them pop pingas (Pills, also known as "illpays")
Lad: (talking to Lad2) Sdoin Lad!
Lad2: Not Much lad you?
Lad: nm, illchin.
Lad2: True

Lad: (Talking to innocent little emo kid) GIMME YOUR MONEY LAD OR ILL DRILL YOU.
Innocent Emo: huh?
Lad: (Hits Emo, takes money and shoes and runs away) ESHAYS!
by Jayskes September 20, 2007
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- Lad(s) is a term used to describe a male or males of varying age.

Depending on it's grammatical useage, for example when the term is used in it's plural form it may be used refer to group of males from any age group. Whereas when it is used in it's nounal form it is commonly used to refer to a young male. The reasoning for this is that males of a younger age may be too young (less than 10 years old) and males of an older age (25 years and older) may be too old to be referred to as just being a "lad" this is where lad prefixes come into use, for example that old lad or that young lad.

The use of these prefixes distinguishes the type of 'lad' which the speaker may be referring to, thus diminishing any ambiguities in the saying.

The origions of the creation of the term "lad" are unknown, but it is a word that has been used for centuries in and around the United Kingdom and many of it's old colonies i.e. Australia. The word itself is commonly used in the northern regions of England. It is uncommon to hear the term used in the southern regions.

The term "lad" is a very versatile saying and may be used in many ways e.g. casually, seriously, jovially and affectionately. In the correct cirumstances it can be used to convey a range of emotions, for example "Hurry up, Lad" in this case the addition of lad emphasises that the individual that it is being aimed at must make haste, "How are you, Lad" in this case the addition of lad personalises the greeting thus making it more intimate giving the sense of direct affection from one individual to another.

Many urban philosophers have taken the word lad and created altogether new terms while keeping the original meaning intact. Putting a new spin on the word, giving it vitality and taking away the belief that the word lad is only used by the older generations, for example;

- Ladavon
- Ladavooch
- Ladula
- Laddington
- Ladsmith
- Laddock
- Laddie etc.

The word lad has also been binded with suffixes to create terms which refer to those of which a lad(s) may take part in, for example "Laddish behaviour" refering to the generally unsavoury acts of a lad(s), but it is known to refer to any act or acts performed by a lad or set of lads. While the term "Laddish" does contain a suffix it is known to be used in the same sense as the term lad or any other counterparts of the term.
"Medical: I heard there was some laddish behaviour last night at the 'cock"

"Fadi: Brap brap, ladavooch"

"G: You're a filthy blood-sucking leech, lad!"

"Swann: I'm just going to drop the kids off at the pool, lad"

by S. Ladavooch April 18, 2006
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an australian term for a teen who thinks he is gods gift to women. the lad will usually be seen wearing clothes branded adidas, nike, nautica, etc. general dressing includes a striped collard polo shirt with a popped collar, track pants, a cap that is done up too tight and is tilted at an odd angle, and generally nike tiens or addidas shoes.
lads generally travel in packs and carry blades with wich they shank you. lads are the filth of the northen beaches of sydney and are hated by most the population. generally can be seen roaming the streets or at bus stops, drinking, smoking, and acting tough. for a female lad, see lass. lads also say "eshays" a lot.
my lad friend is gay and says eshays a lot
by emokid229 June 01, 2009
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omg u whore L.A.D
by CS_Shadow <>< O_O June 08, 2009
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