an australian teen who thinks they are gods gift women and men alike.Generally seen whereing a white polo hat yellow nautica shirt with blue strips with the collar popped up and a red nuatica t shirt with a collar popped. And yellow nuatica shorts. really the most popular people in boys high school for some reason.
people in high schools who think there cool.
by martin October 15, 2004
Lads are teenage boys who hang around in large groups getting high, smoking and picking on bystanders for mere humiliation. The common appearance of a lad is wearing Nautica or Ralph Lauren polo top, accompanied by a Nautica cap, Nike shoes (mostly Roshe runs or Free runs) and a North Face jacket. If you're looking for a lad, look on a rooftop in the city, as that is where they hang out. If not found there, look in Subway or a train-station.
(Outside Footscray Station)

Lad 1: Fresh Nautica jacket
Lad 2: Churrr
Lad 1: Fucking Nauticunt!
Lad 3: Let's go Subway fellas
Lad 4: Then we're going roof topping eshayy
Lad 5: Freshhhh
by kyssssssssssssssssssss June 14, 2014
In many countries it's a synonym for "boy" though in Australia it also means "faggot" or "wanna be gangster"
Man: Can you grab me a paper?
*boy grabs paper*
Man: "Good lad".

*'rebel' kids trying to act tough*
Everyone else: "Look at those lads. I wonder if they realize that everyone else hates them and that they look like scrawny faggots."
by John Haverick March 11, 2011
A word used by public schooled toffs to make them feel street when performing a pointless but hilarious challenge.
He won man o' man
by Yorkie 202 February 07, 2011
An individual of chappy-like nature or pertaining to a certain level awsomeness.
That base guitarist, he's a lad.
by Eggan November 29, 2010
A Australian Trend, sweeping the middle-lower class areas of australia. Usually A male teenager who wears Nautica polo shirts, Nike-Fit hats, Nike Shorts, A Pair of Nike TNz and a bumbag. They are usually seen hanging around parks, malls, skateparks,(which is strange cos they hate skaters and emos), train stations, ect. They are usually showing off their cigarette packets, thick textas or little kitchen knives. Their main charachterisitcs include Smoking cigarettes, tagging, harassing other kids and women, spitting,rolling(mugging) people for valubles, swearing or feeling up their trashy whores affectionatly called 'lasses' or 'asslays'.
ME:Eshayz lad, give me your phone and moneey or i'll fucking bash ya!"
KID: Oh yeah mate, your hardcore! Fucking faggot."
by hardstylejunkiie October 21, 2008
Ben Crocker's crew
A: the lads are so hard
B: yeah
by hustla000 August 21, 2010
A Lad is a male who is able to produce copious amounts of banter by making jokes, doing stuff of a hilarious variety and nailing a shit load of quim.
Hi I'm Toby Fuller. I'm a Lad. I have a side parting, nail birds in a shower and take naked strolls down to the beach at 4am.
by Brown Dave Wallop June 08, 2010

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