1. When a girl (or guy?) wont swallow or spit semem, but just backs off instead.
2. i.e. Intolerant to jizz
"She was lactose intolerant so it ended up getting all over his boxers.
by Hey Lee May 10, 2007
Top Definition
Lactose intolerant is when someone can't eat dairy foods because of the lactose content. When someone who is lactose intolerant eats dairy without taking a pill, that person has horrible bellyaches.
Jillian is lactose intolerant; she can't drink milk.
by xxyuli September 03, 2006
Lactose intolerance is not a disorder.
It is actually more common in the world than lactose tolerance.

Originally, people in the world were all lactose intolerant. Their bodies ceased the production of the enzyme lactase after an early age.

Their diets did not contain much milk anyways, so it was not a problem.
Somewhere in Europe, a mutation occured where lactase continued to be produced through adulthood.
Lactose tolerance is a dominant allele, so the trait became very common in Western Europe.
Person 1: Wow, You're lactose intolerant? Is that some kind of freak mutation?

Person 2: Actually, you have the mutation, sir.
by Sir Demonosapien May 24, 2009
i needs me some lactoseintolerant
by k-now October 18, 2003
The condition of frustration that results from the wait for an overdue podcast, sometimes extensible to cases of overdue magazines, software, etc.
I'm totally lactose intolerant for a new Hardcore History 'cast - it's been a month for Christ's sake!
by Kellyn B. April 21, 2009
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