Sport in which men play who arent ass wipes like baseball players dang queers
CHUCK NORRIS plays lacrosse
by Cut May 18, 2007
A sport dominated by rich boy's who have never worked for anything in their life. Typically, hockey players steal their women, take pictures, and then throw them back.
Rich Dad: Son, you suck at every sport you have tried, including ice hockey, where you got your spoiled ass owned. Why don't we sign you up for a baby sport, such as lacrosse?

Son: Only if my butler can drive me to games in the Benz.

Rich Dad: I wouldn't have it any other way son.


"Hockey is way too much work, plus the guys are always talking about wheeling broads and chewing weird stuff, I want to play a sport where I can pop my collar and play at the same time"
by KGaelsH January 13, 2007
a sport that guarantees mad vagina. also includes sandwiches and call of duty.
Joe plays lacrosse, so his woman shuttles in sandwiches and gives him blow jobs while he plays call of duty.
by laxrgohome111 February 26, 2011
A sport played by mostly potheads
Fuck yeah! We won! Now let's go smoke pot.

by JEOs July 30, 2009
The best sport ever. A sport that takes weeks and weeks of conditioning. A sport in which you break faces (I play high school, WOMENS lacrosse..wussy boys with helmets.) and a sport that gives you new family members.
Girls one: Did you see those girls running around in short kilts?! What wierd lacrosse people!

Girl two: no but I saw that one girl get a yellow (not red) card for breaking a girls nose.
by Lacrosssssssse!!!! June 11, 2009
The best damn sport to play. It is fun as hell to play goalie and hit with shots.
I got hit in the helmet by a fast shot in my lacrosse game
by LAX RULES November 21, 2006
The gayest sport every. It is a sport played with a stick and a bunch of pussy ass pads on. It was originally created as a fun and manly sport but soon the fags and douche bags took over.
Joe: Hey Mike are you playing lacrosse today?
Mike: Nah bro I'm into girls

Alex: Man I love lacrosse just as much as I love sucking dick
by Inside out oreo July 07, 2013

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