A stupid sport that is often related to baseball. Lacrosse players make fun of baseball players because they say baseball is gay. THe truth is that anyone can catch a ball with a stick, run, and launch it. Try hitting a baseball going 100mph with a slight curve. After that, tell me which sport is harder. And for those who say it is so physical, try wrestling or football. You almost die during practice. It cannot compare to baseball. Baseball is the hardest sport that takes so much talent and skill.
Lacrosse player: Baseball is possibly the easiest sport. Anyone can catch a ball.

Baseball Player: Yeah, ok. When you can hit a baseball that has been thrown 95mph, call me.
by Bob Saggot Kid December 25, 2009
A back up sport for former baseball players. If someone sucks at baseball they go play lacrosse. A sport in which grown men whack eachother with their magic wands.
=o <=======8 This is the game of lacrosse:)
by Ellsbury June 16, 2008
The sport that every kid plays after they get made fun of so badly becasue they suck at baseball
congrats u stuck out 3 times today why dont u go play lacrosse
by cameronn January 07, 2007
1)A game involving two teams of over-privelaged rich homosexuals looking for another way to personify what it is to truly like to be a tool. Usually one who plays said game is somewhere between the ape and a neanderthal on the evolutionary chart and for those who do not believe in evolution God or L Ron Hubbard created the perfect douche-bag.
Why watch gay porn when there is a Lacrosse game on?
by HideYOkids8675309 February 09, 2011
what pussys do during baseball season. A sport that is played by maybe 1,000 people worldwide
Jeremy-Yo want to play lacrosse
Jimbo-No thats what pussys do
by Baseballer10 May 25, 2009
The gayest sport every. It is a sport played with a stick and a bunch of pussy ass pads on. It was originally created as a fun and manly sport but soon the fags and douche bags took over.
Joe: Hey Mike are you playing lacrosse today?
Mike: Nah bro I'm into girls

Alex: Man I love lacrosse just as much as I love sucking dick
by Inside out oreo July 07, 2013
Lacrosse: Most dick sucking sport of all time, invented by mentally retarded Native Americans because they liked to play with eachother's shafts and heads.
Old transvestite hooker/Lacrosse player: Hey, wanna play lacrosse?

Some guy: No, leave me alone lacrosse player.

Old transvestite hooker/Lacrosse player: Then can i just blow u?
by Lacrossesuckscamelcock012 May 21, 2009
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