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A very white sport. White people run around with a little ball hitting each other with sticks. When black people play they bring guns and shoot the person that hits them.
White man: (HITS BLACK MAN) thats how you play lacrosse

black man: (BANG BANG BANG)
by keari May 16, 2007
108 90
The best sport EVER!! The game of the Iroquois!!!!!!!
Me - Let's spend our lunch period playing lacrosse!
Some frikkin' baseball players- No, that's gay *spank each other's asses*
by LacrosseRulez07 May 31, 2005
90 73
A sport played By men While boys are playing Baseball.
When a lacrosse player gets hit by a ball we play on. when a baseball player gets hit he either throw a tantrum or drops to the ground.
by Grisley March 01, 2008
76 61
Fast, hard hitting, played by those who can really grit their teeth and push themselves harder and harder.

Originated in Native North America as a way to solve problems, problems that would otherwise be solved by war. Although it isn't taken quite as seriously these days, it still has that aura surrounding it. Not one for the faint hearted.

In the UK, contrary to popular belief, it is not just played by "lesbian private school girls". The womens game is dominated by Oxbrdige type females yes, but the Mens game is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK and taken very seriously, particularly in the North with a lot of university interest up and down the country.
Give Blood: Play Lacrosse
by Lax-78 December 04, 2007
43 29
worst sport known to man. everyone who plays this sucks giant d*ck. this sport is only played the biggest queers in the school. notice the real sports like baseball football and basketball get all the girls. the kids who play lacrosse have little ass dicks. fucking lacrosse is so gay everyone who plays it should be killed. its only for the gayest mother fuckers out there. peace. fuck you lacrosse players.
some kid: i play lacrosse.
me: no wonder why you dont get laid you fucking queer bag!
by lacrosse is gay69 January 12, 2009
228 215
The most badass sport there is.
1. The center of the rubber ball is CONCRETE
2. Native Americans played the sport instead of going to war with other tribes. The losing team was killed.
3. It's the opposite of baseball.
4. The offense players are called Attackmen.
5. Have you seen a good shot at a goalie?
6. One of the fastest sports their is.
7. You carry a weapon at all times.
"You look like a badass"
"Well, I do play lacrosse."

"I couldn't decide if I wanted to get in a knife fight with a samurai or play lacrosse"
"Lacrosse dude, no contest."
by Professor Ovaheard March 05, 2009
46 34
A game where grown men wack each other with their sticks.
Cindy: I'm going to go play some lacrosse
Tom: But you don't have a stick
Cindy: shit!
by deathbyducttape May 07, 2007
49 37