Fast, hard, vicious and a hell of a lot of fun. in box lacrosse, cross-checking, slashing and a variety of other things like that are legal. there are tons of rules, but mostly the basic "don't do this, don't do that" types. the refs generally give you some leeway too, so it gets rough. even with the pads, i've seen a guy's arm snap right through them, and you never come out of a game unscathed. if you aren't sore and bruised by the end, you aren't working hard enough. the object is a nice, simple "get the ball in the net", with no off-sides and very few illegal procedures ( there are a couple in minor, i'm not sure about senior). apparently, it's played in the U.K. as a non-contact sport for girls private schools. this is bullshit, i can list quite a few girls who could kick my ass at full-contact lacrosse, and besides, it just gives the sport a bad name over there. calling non-contact lacrosse a sport is like calling touch football (that would be american football, not soccer)a sport. if someone ever tells you that lacrosse is a sport for pussies and fags, never believe a word that comes out of their mouths again. drag them down to a game and make them watch as some guy gets his head taken off by a high-stick. they don't know what the hell their talking about. it's the fastest sport on two feet, it's as violent as rugby, it's more fun to watch than hockey and it just plain kicks baseball's ass. it is one of the best sports ever invented, and no one can legitamately tell you otherwise
damn the natives got something great going here
by the lord con June 26, 2005
A sport that is only played by white, privileged douchebags
Guy: "Hey man do you play any sports?
Douche: "Yea broski, lacrosse!"
Guy: "Wow, you're a real douche."
by jimmer346 June 17, 2015
a sport for people who suck at baseball, football, and soccer and think that they will some how get a scholarships with it.
Josh and I suck so bad at football so we played lacrosse with all the other losers
by Pene Monster July 10, 2008
A stupid game which involves the combination of football, soccer, and hockey, except you use gay butterfly nets instead of hockey sticks.
Dave: I'm off to play baseball.
Lance: Lacrosse is cool, not baseball, Fag.
Dave: Okay, I'm a faggot for hitting a ball with a bat and talking strategy like a champion, and you're cool for playing with a butterfly net while jumping all over other men, sorry for not realizing that.
Lance: :O
Dave: No Lance, You will not be sucking my dick.
by BBJethro2440 August 14, 2011
A sport for the UN-athetically gifted. Not a real sport, a joke sport for the kids who can't play football and think they are hardcore
My waterboy in football was a lacrosse player. He couldn't even put the cups out right.

I made the C football team, so I tried lacrosse, now im hardcore and think im a badass.
by Thebossdude July 16, 2011
A sport which involves no skill whatsoever, it requires no thinking and no dribbiling, so whoever plays it can probably score a goal at least once a game if they play offense.
Basketball: you dribble a ball and have plays.
Baseball: you think every play and have situational plays.
Soccer: you dribble the ball with your foot and have to kick it past other players.
Lacrosse: carry the ball in a stick and run past people, no dribbling or thinking involved.
by Names22 April 13, 2011
worst sport known to man. everyone who plays this sucks giant d*ck. this sport is only played the biggest queers in the school. notice the real sports like baseball football and basketball get all the girls. the kids who play lacrosse have little ass dicks. fucking lacrosse is so gay everyone who plays it should be killed. its only for the gayest mother fuckers out there. peace. fuck you lacrosse players.
some kid: i play lacrosse.
me: no wonder why you dont get laid you fucking queer bag!
by lacrosse is gay69 January 12, 2009
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