Considered to be the fastest growing sport in the U.S. While this is true, it is a poor statistic as there are only like one or two other sports known.

Most of the time, the players usually weren't really good at the other High School sports so they resort to Lacrosse as no one really knows about it.
It's high school now and I need to join a sport.

I think I'm going to join lacrosse.
by only you August 18, 2004
best sport ever
if ur good u can get into any college u want even if you are partially retarded since no one plays
it should be the national passtime cause it was invented by native ameruicans who were here first....and its not gay
all the people saying it's gay obiviously play baseball or have no athletic ability/ cant run for their lives
the uk lacrosse IS gay...what about the uk isnt?.... but WE DONT LIVE IN THE UK
stupid kid: lacrosse is so gay cause its played by lebiens in the uk so im gonna go home and sit on my fat ass like a good little american

nomal kid: u are the stupidest fattest thing i have ever seen and if u played lacrosse u could drop 60 lb in a week go to a D-1 school and possibly have a girlfriend.....
n. 1. Sport for pussies who cant play anything else
2. Boring and stupid
"DO u play lacrosse"
"go die"
by Uhhh no February 26, 2005
Soccer's gay cousin. What fags do when they dont want to play America's pastime of Baseball
Guy 1: Lets go play baseball
Guy 2: Nah I prefer lacrosse or lax as i call it
Guy 1: Freak
by ctman654 March 21, 2005
A gay college sport, played by people who should be locked in portable toilets and pushed down a hill.
Baseball is the hardcore sport.
by A baseball player March 22, 2005
The worst sport in the world EVER. In USA it is what 'hardcore' guys do but in good ol' England it is just a lesbian private school game for girls. You have to play it in the rain and mud and cold with lezbo games teachers trying to look at your ass.
Lesbian Freak: Yo lets go play some lacrosse!
Me: No way you freakin eejit.
by Nikki March 10, 2005
The worst f-ing sport in the world. In USA its is a real 'hardcore' guy sport but in good ol' England it's just a lesbian private school girls sport. You have to plau it in the mud and the cold with lezbo games teachers staring at your ass.
Lacrosse wierdo: How about spending our lunch break playiong lacrosse!!! Wild!

Me: Get a life you freak.
by Nikki March 10, 2005

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