The best damn sport to play. It is fun as hell to play goalie and hit with shots.
I got hit in the helmet by a fast shot in my lacrosse game
by LAX RULES November 21, 2006
Lacrosse Bitching around Baseball Players since 1400
Baseball: I like baseball and dick!

Lacrosse: I like hitting kids and puss
by bramai99 October 27, 2006
Best game ever invented nothing beats it its possibly the most physically demanding sport in the world and its better then gay baseball where u sit there and do absolutley nothing
baseball player 1: those lacrosse kids are so gay

baseball player 2: they get so much more ass then us how could they be gay
by laxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx October 22, 2006
A freaking sweet sport. It's for the athletic players who are looking for something more exciting than baseball, not trying to put down baseball in any way. Dominated by the East Coast, although it's starting to spread out in California and Colorado. A predominantly white sport, but as it spreads people of all races are beginning to start playing.
Typical Baseball Player: OMFGZOR LACROSSE IS GAY!
Typical Lacrosse Player: OMFGZOR BASEBALL IS GAY!

And this accomplishes...?
by eMachine August 14, 2006
Amazing sport played in Canada and North America. Unfortuanitly, the sport has not caught on with anybody outside of the North East. It's kind of a cross between Football and hockey, with the rough play of football only with goals like hockey. Since the game is really fast paced, teams usually score more goals than in a hockey game, so it's pretty much an improvemant on hockey.

The only problem is that Lacross and baseball players hate on each other all the time. Shit, if you dont want to watch either of the sports then you dont have to, no reason to hate.
European: Lacrosse? Only school girls play that. Infact, schoolgirls also plays Baseball, but they call it Rounders

North American: NO ONE CARES

European: Yep infact, all Lacrosse players are lesbians and...

North American: *Kicks his ass*
by Spikesy July 09, 2006
The COOLEST, FASTEST, most INTENSE game ever played. Also girls who play are usually extremely preppy.
Girls wear skirts and run around using and try not to let the refs see thier fowls, check people's sticks (and sometimes them) and score
Guys run around and hit people whenever they can and score.

Girl 1: OMG, those girls are wearing skirts. Lacrosse is a wuss sport.

(Player gets red carded for checking in the face)

by Sarah Gray June 22, 2006
Canada Naional Sport (Not Hockey). Also a Sweet Drinking Card Game. You have 4 players and you deal out a deck of card evenly between the players. 2 players per team sit across from each other. Dealer goes first. The way you score is to put down the same card number as the person who went before you. (Ex. 5 of Hearts....5 of Spades). Once some scores the cards are flipped over and you begin again. Jacks and Eights are called 'Save' cards when you put one down your team cannot be scored on. When your team scores a goal you put up your pointer finger up towards one of the players on the other team and they have to drink until you put your finger down. The winner is the team who has the most goals after all the cards are down. By this time everyone will probably be pretty drunk. If you want to get really wasted you can add in the rule if you score 3 times in a row the other team has to drink an entire beer. HAVE FUN!
WoW! We played Lacrosse Last night and got really fucked up!!!
by B-Hill June 12, 2006

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