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what pussys do during baseball season. A sport that is played by maybe 1,000 people worldwide
Jeremy-Yo want to play lacrosse
Jimbo-No thats what pussys do
by Baseballer10 May 25, 2009
Faddish, niche sport that has been around for years but has only come into prominence recently. Will soon go the way of roller hockey and ultimate frisbee and quickly forgotten by the American public. Athleticism is only partially required. The sport is more about skill than pure athleticism. The 'Urban Dictionary' board attacking baseball seems to be similar to the attack on the more established sport of skiing by snowboarders back in the mid 90's.
A bunch of Colorado and California Bay Area upper-middle class white kids are trying to earn self-affirmation by over-posting some glowing definitions about this prep sport they knew nothing about three years prior.

Lacrosse is a total establishment sport played by elites who thumb their nose at people like you and I----Don't give their sport equal footing to the likes of basketball and soccer. There is a reason NBA contracts are what they are----compare them to MLL or NLL star player contracts.

Come on, middies and attack, time for an iso!!!
by Allen Xiong January 22, 2008
1.An activity that takes every bit of gayness in ones body to play.

2.for any reject who cant handle a real sport like baseball or football

Kid: Hey you wanna go play some fun sports and be atheletic?

Fag: Are you kidding? I've been cut from every real sport! i do lacrosse!

by yanks22 July 27, 2008
What is probably the gayest sport to have ever been created. It involves a lot of men hitting chasing after a ball (gay) and hitting each other with the heads of their shafts (gay). Requires very little thinking. Most people who play it are complete faggots.
Lacrosse player: "Baseball is so gay. It's just a guy throwing a ball to another guy."

Baseball player: "Really? You sure about that? I'm pretty sure baseball requires 10x more thinking than lacrosse does. All you do in lacrosse is hit people and shoot balls. In baseball, you do a lot more. And also, most people who play baseball are chill and have great sty, unlike those faggy lacrosse players."
by REDSOX4LIFE October 31, 2011
The Hardest and most fun game ever! ive been playing it for 4 years! i cant believe i actually liked soccer because lacrosse beats out any other sport in the US! its the fastest game on 2 feet and girls lacrosse is soo much frikin harder then guys cause all we wear is a mouthguarg goggles and my team had under armour uniforms thats all we wear! all my LADY BULLDOGS are the best! LACROSSE KICKS ALL OF THE OTHER SPORTS ASSES! DONT LISTEN TO THE GAY DEFINITIONS THAT SAY IT SUCKS!
if you want to play a sport that u get more bruises and bloody nuckles then football, and want to play a sport that some guys play but girls can kick their asses in, PLAY LACROSSE!
by frisky driskey June 19, 2005
Commonly known as "lax." Possibly the coolest sport ever played. If you look in the dictionary, under "legit" one of the definitions is "SEE LACROSSE." Pretty much the only sports that stands up to it is football. It requires endurance, accuracy, strength, agility, and of course balls (unless of course you play girls lax).

It is often made fun of my pansy baseball players because they're mad that lacrosse makes their sport look like a bunch of homosexuals playing tag with each other. Their usual insults to the sport is "it's gay" or "it's for pussies" because they can't actually think of anything legitimately gay about the sport. Maybe if they didn't have such an abundance of estrogen in their lard ass bodies they'd enjoy lacrosse for the manly sport it is.

Lacrosse is a big time contact sport so players are required to wear quite a bit of upper body pads. It's probably a good idea seeing as solid balls of rubber are being hurled at speeds over 80mph sometimes.

Bottom Line: greatest sport out there, its a sport for real men, baseball doesn't even come close.
Glen: I'm not very athletic, but I'd like to feel like I actually play a sport. I also like penises and wearing tight pants while I run around in circles. What sport should I play this year?

Rob: Sounds like baseball is the sport for you. Since I actually want to play a legitimate sport and want to play one that actually requires skill and dexterity, I think I'll play a beastly sport like lacrosse.

Glen: Lacrosse seems really cool and manly, but I'm intimidated by contact sports because I'm a total pussy. I think I'll stick to baseball, maybe in the fall I'll go out for soccer.

Rob: Yeah, why don't you try coming out of the closet first, homo.
by Kevdude Sweenmiester March 07, 2008
sport consisting of the best looking and most fit guys and girls out of all sports. Only sport that allows guys to wear as much padding as football players (except none of them are fat), and girls to wear skirts (quilts).
karen: "is that the guys lacrosse team?!"
sarah: "yeah. aren't they so hot?!"
karen: "definately. they're two 'T' hot."

eric: "hey isn't adrian on the lacrosse team?"
ben: "yeah. why?"
eric: "dude, she's so hot. thats probably how she made the team."
ben: "i wouldn't doubt it"
by thedefectrive May 22, 2006