The best of football and hockey combined. Notice, this is American football and not some crap called futbol or soccer.
a: How did you break you end up in a full body cast?

b: I should have stuck with soccer. I tried out for the LACROSSE team.

a: You're fucking weak. Lawn Fairy.
by JammerC April 27, 2004
Best sport ever. Uses almost no padding. Full contact sport, and almost anything goes when trying to get the ball away from the opposing team.
Good luck T-baggin coach's nut sack guys!
(to baseball players leaving for game)
by Laxdef10 October 15, 2003
n. a game that khaki wearing white boys play during the spring because "baseball is gay"
Caucasian male in your English class #1: Did you see that sick lacrosse game last night?
Caucasian male in your English class #2: Yeah, bro! Dirk has so much skill. I'm glad he's out there playing lacrosse instead of with the faggots on the baseball field.
by Readers Digested February 13, 2015
a sport that requires hand-eye coordination. It is extremely hard and only for the most talented. Some people may think its as easy as a ball in a stick, but it is much more complex. You need to be able to run, need to be able to take a beating and must be strong. You also need to be able to handle what the ref says whether he is wrong or right.
Some of the most hardest positions in lacrosse are:
The goalie is undermined because people think it is as easy as catching a ball. WRONG. Goalies must be able to yes, catch a ball but also see where the ball is going and follow it, and be able to swallow tears when the ball hits their bare skin. Midfield is also very hard too, because middys run up and down, and all over the field. Defense too, you need to be big, and loud and scream and stay on your girl and continue to guard her.

If you want to play lacrosse, you would need to be ready to be awake at 4 in the morning for a 6:00 tournament. YES TOURNAMENT.
The practices are the least fun in all of lacrosse but pays off the most. Lacrosse is the best sport ever.
I was up at 3 in the morning for my lacrosse tournament! I'm exhausted but ready for practice!
by RandomPersonlol123 May 21, 2014
A College Town in western Wisconsin on the Mississippi River. Essentially a small town with many elements of a big city. A nice place for people who want an escape from the city but not city life altogether. Plenty to do year round, though mostly in Summer and Winter.
Spend a weekend in La Crosse and you may have a new outlook on life when you go home.
by GaaraoftheDamned January 02, 2013
Lacrosse is a sport that was played by the Native Americans Indians. The point of the game is to have your team score a small hard rubber ball into the goal while using a lacrosse stick. You also have to pass, throw, and catch obviously cuz it's a team sport.. This game is so awesome and it has a lot of running to it. Also there is womens lacrosse and mens lacrosse. Its not just for men since nobody hardly mentions womens.Some rules are different for mens and womens..the sticks are different also. People usually call lacrosse "Lax". Its pretty simple... This first part is La.. and the second part is an x which stands for crosse.. You can see the lines are crossing in a "x"..Get it??
Team Lacrosse Player: Hey, wanna go practice lacrosse with me, before the game?

Me: Sure, I will go get my stick.
by Lax Girl All Day XD October 03, 2011
A sport developed by Native Americans, then taken from them so preppy suburban white kids can be good at a sport.
White boy cant jump. White boy can wear padding and throw a ball with a stick. Black people would still be better, but prefer dunking. Weak whitie plays Lacrosse, black guy plays bball, football, basket ball, soccer. who gets paid more?
by KTKeeger July 24, 2011

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