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a sport that, if was easy, would be called football

also the greatest sport ever
laxer: lets go play some lacrosse
homo: no way
laxer: ur gayyy
by laxsauce January 04, 2008
Where you can rip sick nasty shots with your liquid black ice 3000 titanium shaft and give each other "head" for christmas. Douche bags are invited to join. Heath says you have to be athletic to play lax, isnt that an oxymoron? ex. Heath sucks
Heath, who plays lacrosse is really really gay.
by heath is gay January 18, 2007
The best sport, Maryland perfected plays it the best.
lacrosse players in Maryland
by 46and4BJ April 18, 2006
the best kik ass game bc it gets down n drttyy but the best part is u get to run around in skimpy little skirts n tite tank tops cradling a stik n balls..there is so better sport then lacrosse evryone whose neone should play lacrossee..if u dont like lacrosse go suk some ugly guys puny little dikk
the hottest sizzlin sport there is...stop reading about it..get out there n go play lacrosse
by tiffanyy January 21, 2005
The best of football and hockey combined. Notice, this is American football and not some crap called futbol or soccer.
a: How did you break you end up in a full body cast?

b: I should have stuck with soccer. I tried out for the LACROSSE team.

a: You're fucking weak. Lawn Fairy.
by JammerC April 27, 2004
A made up sport for people that can't play anything else
Guy 1- "Dude I didn't know Adam played lacrosse?"
Guy2- "Yeah man he was on my basketball team last year, he freaking sucked,"
Guy 3- "Yeah I guess that explains it then,"
by cool kid345568 January 01, 2012
More than just a sport, its a lifestyle.
Bitch: *hating on lacrosse"
Bro: "bitch, just chill, crack open a natty and chill."
by brosef2.0 May 02, 2011