the best fucking sport ever to have been made, harder than both baseball and soccer (which have little to no contact at all)...
"wow, i play baseball and lacrosse is gay cuz I'm too pussy to play it, and I don't realize that MENS lacrosse in the US is not a pussy sport and has more contact than my sport....maybe i should join...nahhhh im too gay"
by youreallgay May 24, 2005
lacrosse, what most guys and girls do in farfield county. which is where i live. its baisically a kick ass sport. and the objective is to baisically kill people for the ball. the cool thing about lacrosse is you can hit people and wont get a penalty for it.
oh my gosh guys. i just got like like my 9876th lacoste shirt and like a new stick so like lets go play some lax like oh my god.
by carolina April 13, 2005
A sport that is played only by women in the UK, which has no contact in it at all. When played in the US by males, it is a hardcore game where anything goes. Anyone who says that lax sucks b/c it is played by pussies in the UK is stupid. Real men play lax in the US, English people have bad teeth. It takes heart, hustle, blood, sweat and stamina to play this game. It makes baseball look like an old folks home. A baseball game will take about 2 to 3 hours and 4 or 5 guys will have run 90 feet or so. In a lax game, after 5 minutes, everyone has already sprinted up and down the field 3 or 4 times.
UK boy - lacrosse is played by little girls in the UK

US boy - lacrosse is different in the US. We actually hit each other. Get some braces
by Laxpimp114 March 28, 2005
a sport for those who dont suck cock with there baseball buddies. furthermore, lacrosse players get much more cunt then n e one else!!
I get so much cunt on the streets that it falls out of my pockets when i walk. this guy allmosst stepped on some of my cunt one time. I play lacrosse
by Keeganator March 12, 2005
An ultra-cool sport, with a coolness factor second only to rugby.
"Yo, you play lacrosse? Fuckin' hardcore!"
by Shard February 28, 2005
the best kik ass game bc it gets down n drttyy but the best part is u get to run around in skimpy little skirts n tite tank tops cradling a stik n balls..there is so better sport then lacrosse evryone whose neone should play lacrossee..if u dont like lacrosse go suk some ugly guys puny little dikk
the hottest sizzlin sport there is...stop reading about it..get out there n go play lacrosse
by tiffanyy January 21, 2005
a kick ass sport that is 100 times better than baseball and hockey. Anyone who plays baseball instead of lacrosse needs to grow a dick.
Pat J.'s mom gave me head the other nite becuz she loved the fact that i played lacrosse
by lacrosse January 04, 2005
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