Because you didn't play football
Jared: Ahhh YEAH i made it on the lax crew
Lou: You played football right
Jared: yeah but i wasnt played in games
Lou: ooooo thats why you play Lacrosse
by WOWOMGLAZERS January 30, 2011
if you dont know what this sport is you better be an alien dead or in jail for all of your life
if you play lacrosse than that is your life
by scarpi June 17, 2007
A sport that rich white kids play, so they can pretend to be athletic.
"I'm like...third in the state for Lacrosse...I'm pretty athletic"

"Yeah, it must be hard to hit people with sticks, and grow your hair real a bitch."
by GsE49857 September 10, 2009
a sport for people who suck at baseball, football, and soccer and think that they will some how get a scholarships with it.
Josh and I suck so bad at football so we played lacrosse with all the other losers
by Pene Monster July 10, 2008
Canada Naional Sport (Not Hockey). Also a Sweet Drinking Card Game. You have 4 players and you deal out a deck of card evenly between the players. 2 players per team sit across from each other. Dealer goes first. The way you score is to put down the same card number as the person who went before you. (Ex. 5 of Hearts....5 of Spades). Once some scores the cards are flipped over and you begin again. Jacks and Eights are called 'Save' cards when you put one down your team cannot be scored on. When your team scores a goal you put up your pointer finger up towards one of the players on the other team and they have to drink until you put your finger down. The winner is the team who has the most goals after all the cards are down. By this time everyone will probably be pretty drunk. If you want to get really wasted you can add in the rule if you score 3 times in a row the other team has to drink an entire beer. HAVE FUN!
WoW! We played Lacrosse Last night and got really fucked up!!!
by B-Hill June 12, 2006
It's a very interesting sport. It is played with a stick with netting at the end of it. The netting is used to throw and scoop the ball up to either pass or throw in a goal. Considered America's first sport. It was first played by Native Americans. It was often played to prepare men for war or even settle conflicts between tribes. There could be anywhere from a few to a hundred players on each side. The play of field could be anywhere from 500 yards to several miles long.
In my opinion, lacrosse has gotten softer since Europeans first picked it up from the indians. Unlike how the indians played it, in modern lacrosse, a helmet, pads, and gloves are weared. I think the safety equipment is unnecessary. It is physical, but you aren't running full speed into someone like in football.
by woo hoo! May 14, 2006
A mid-size sedan built by Buick. It's called the Allure in Canada, because "Lacrosse" is supposedly slang for masturbation in French Canada (i.e. Quebec).
Tell me all about the Lacrosse.

Well, it's smooth and it feels really good....
by shenehneh August 25, 2005

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