A sport for the UN-athetically gifted. Not a real sport, a joke sport for the kids who can't play football and think they are hardcore
My waterboy in football was a lacrosse player. He couldn't even put the cups out right.

I made the C football team, so I tried lacrosse, now im hardcore and think im a badass.
by Thebossdude July 16, 2011
if you dont know what this sport is you better be an alien dead or in jail for all of your life
if you play lacrosse than that is your life
by scarpi June 17, 2007
A sport which involves no skill whatsoever, it requires no thinking and no dribbiling, so whoever plays it can probably score a goal at least once a game if they play offense.
Basketball: you dribble a ball and have plays.
Baseball: you think every play and have situational plays.
Soccer: you dribble the ball with your foot and have to kick it past other players.
Lacrosse: carry the ball in a stick and run past people, no dribbling or thinking involved.
by Names22 April 13, 2011
1)A game involving two teams of over-privelaged rich homosexuals looking for another way to personify what it is to truly like to be a tool. Usually one who plays said game is somewhere between the ape and a neanderthal on the evolutionary chart and for those who do not believe in evolution God or L Ron Hubbard created the perfect douche-bag.
Why watch gay porn when there is a Lacrosse game on?
by HideYOkids8675309 February 09, 2011
A sport that rich white kids play, so they can pretend to be athletic.
"I'm like...third in the state for Lacrosse...I'm pretty athletic"

"Yeah, it must be hard to hit people with sticks, and grow your hair real long...like a bitch."
by GsE49857 September 10, 2009
a sport for people who suck at baseball, football, and soccer and think that they will some how get a scholarships with it.
Josh and I suck so bad at football so we played lacrosse with all the other losers
by Pene Monster July 10, 2008
Full of dbags that hate on baseball all the time
Lax bro: baseball sucks, lacrosse for life
Lax bro 2: ya dude
by nick1100 May 31, 2012

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