Best game ever invented nothing beats it its possibly the most physically demanding sport in the world and its better then gay baseball where u sit there and do absolutley nothing
baseball player 1: those lacrosse kids are so gay

baseball player 2: they get so much more ass then us how could they be gay
by laxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx October 22, 2006
A stupid game which involves the combination of football, soccer, and hockey, except you use gay butterfly nets instead of hockey sticks.
Dave: I'm off to play baseball.
Lance: Lacrosse is cool, not baseball, Fag.
Dave: Okay, I'm a faggot for hitting a ball with a bat and talking strategy like a champion, and you're cool for playing with a butterfly net while jumping all over other men, sorry for not realizing that.
Lance: :O
Dave: No Lance, You will not be sucking my dick.
by BBJethro2440 August 14, 2011
A sport played by mostly potheads
Fuck yeah! We won! Now let's go smoke pot.

by JEOs July 30, 2009
When they round up all the bitches of a school and put them on a team. LACROSSE
Girl:do you know where i can find some mean bitches?

Me:Yeah the lacrosse field after school.
by Laxchick April 23, 2009
A sport dominated by rich boy's who have never worked for anything in their life. Typically, hockey players steal their women, take pictures, and then throw them back.
Rich Dad: Son, you suck at every sport you have tried, including ice hockey, where you got your spoiled ass owned. Why don't we sign you up for a baby sport, such as lacrosse?

Son: Only if my butler can drive me to games in the Benz.

Rich Dad: I wouldn't have it any other way son.


"Hockey is way too much work, plus the guys are always talking about wheeling broads and chewing weird stuff, I want to play a sport where I can pop my collar and play at the same time"
by KGaelsH January 13, 2007
Best Sport Ever. Im sorry to all you baseball freaks out there, but for some reason I prefer beating some guy senseless to grabbing his ass. Thats just me tho, so, go have fun with your silly grabassing.
Lacrosse is indeed harder than baseball, and more entertaining
Anyone who says Lacrosse is gay just because girls play it in the UK needs to see a lacrosse stick...being swung at their head... and then pegged with lacrosse balls for a while. Those son'bitches hurt
by Adrian Tepes January 02, 2006
The gayest sport every. It is a sport played with a stick and a bunch of pussy ass pads on. It was originally created as a fun and manly sport but soon the fags and douche bags took over.
Joe: Hey Mike are you playing lacrosse today?
Mike: Nah bro I'm into girls

Alex: Man I love lacrosse just as much as I love sucking dick
by Inside out oreo July 07, 2013

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