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lacrosse is the fuckin hardest sport in the world, u need speed, stamina, hand eye coordination, and a huge dick to play this sport. Base balls for fuckin pussies who think there cool. BASEBALLS FORS QUEERS!!!
BASEBALL PLAYER-i stood in the outfield the whole game and didnt even move! then i slapped my teammates ass and ate some sunflower seads!

LACROSSE PLAYER-shut the hell up u fuckin pussy, ill kick ur ass if u ever speak again
by bob June 03, 2004
the only sport where rich white people can be the best players in the world
lacrosse is the only sport where a guy from Chevy Chase, MD can be the best in the world. soft
by George Hugueley July 12, 2011
A sport played on a field thats 110 yards long and 60 yards wide, and played by men whos dicks are the same size.

During the spring time, wild badasses all over the world flock to their nearest lacrosse field. If you are allergic to large doses of manliness (or play baseball), it would be good practice to mantain a safe distance from these lacrosse games, as the concentration of badassery has been known to cause seziures.
John (Baseball player): Hey Jake, lets walk over here.
Jake (Baseball player): Naw man, I hear theres a lacrosse game over there.
John: C'mon man, it'll be fine.
Jake: No John, its too dangerous.
John: Fine, I'll just go by myself.
Jake: No John, its too dangerous. That much badass in one place... It can be deadly.
*John keeps walking*
Jake: John, get back here right now!
*John continues to walk*
Jake: John!
*John sees lacrosse game and has a seizure from the concentration of badassery*
*Jake tries to run over and help John, but collapses early. He's not used to physical activity.*
by Lucas823 April 17, 2011
lacrosse, a sport that is know as the fastest sport on two feet.Full contact and is as violent as hockey and can be huge hits like there are in rugby or football.

Baseball cant compare to the speed at which its played at.
Can't compare the the stamina you need.
And anyone who says that baseballs is more dangerous than lacrosse obviously hasn't stopped a shot with there side(where there is no padding)
Lacrosse is what most hockey, football and soccer players should play.
by mitchell gar April 01, 2008
The Fastest Game on Two Feet!
All of the other definitions pretty much have it down, except that it is possible to play baseball and lacrosse. NOTE: People such as the author of Definition 23 ("Dan Marino" fom Philadelphia) should not even be permitted to stand in the presence of a LAX Player.
There are LAX Players, then there is everyone else.
by _Chris_ August 16, 2005
A College Town in western Wisconsin on the Mississippi River. Essentially a small town with many elements of a big city. A nice place for people who want an escape from the city but not city life altogether. Plenty to do year round, though mostly in Summer and Winter.
Spend a weekend in La Crosse and you may have a new outlook on life when you go home.
by GaaraoftheDamned January 02, 2013
Fastest contact sport (The fastest Non-contact sport would be ping pong) involving a stick and a ball. 10 people on the feild at once. 3 attack, 3 midfeilders, 3 defenders, and 1 goalie. Many rules are adopted from hockey and shares the same aggressiveness as hockey and football. This can possibly be the sport with the most rules, as Lacrosse has so many rules that even many college players are unaware of some of the rules. Lacrosse was invented by Native Americans and was proven to be North America's 1st sport.
Lacrosse burns 3 times as many calories as football, think about that.
by Zigs44 April 19, 2009