lacrosse is the fuckin hardest sport in the world, u need speed, stamina, hand eye coordination, and a huge dick to play this sport. Base balls for fuckin pussies who think there cool. BASEBALLS FORS QUEERS!!!
BASEBALL PLAYER-i stood in the outfield the whole game and didnt even move! then i slapped my teammates ass and ate some sunflower seads!

LACROSSE PLAYER-shut the hell up u fuckin pussy, ill kick ur ass if u ever speak again
by bob June 03, 2004
an around the world played game where we get to run around and hit each other with sticks... come on what could be better. It used to be a death game played by indeans where they had a mile long field and wooden balls.. adn the looser basiclaly died. THE FASTEST GAME ON TWO FEET!!
"Real friends dont let friends play softball"
by laxer2113 June 25, 2005
A sport for pussy's who failed to make every team they tried out for.
Dude, that guy plays lacrosse, what a pussy. He counted even make the hand ball team.
by Mdawg5 August 25, 2008
One of the oldest and most physical sports around. Warning if you can't take a hit and has no balls this is not the sport for you baseball is the sport for you because baseball is a sport created for pussies that can't get hit because if they do there gonna cry and call for there mommies. That's not what lacrosse players do when they get hit multiple times. Lacrosse is a sport that you have work your ass off to get better were baseball you just have to throw, catch, and just swing at the right time explains how a lot of baseball players are fat as fuck. Plus lacrosse player are probably some of the most smartest athletes there are. Most baseball go to straight to the minors or drops out of college. This also explains why a lot of baseball players are drug addicts. This explains how lacrosse is better and the lacrosse players that play in the pros might not get as much money. But the pro guys don't play for the money they play for the love of the game. That's what makes lacrosse special. For all you baseball players that thinks lacrosse is gay go suck a dick.
I play baseball and I like to suck dicks and not get my ass kicked.

I play lacrosse and I play one of the most manliest sports alive I don't play any pussie sports like baseball I think they need to grow a pair.
by Proper_Matt15 July 27, 2015
A game played by 1,000's of men, women and children alike. Although many baseball players scrutinize lacrosse because it is apparently for the weak and is unathletic people who fail at other sports, in reality it a large amount of skill and physical and mental toughness to play through a game of lacrosse due to having to run nonstop and being constantly baraded by defenseman. Commonly named as the fast's sport on two legs. It is played in the spring time. Over the past 20 years lacrosse has grown boasting a pro sports league.
baseball player: It takes no skill to play lacrosse
Lacrosse player: Try shooting a ball into a tiny goal with half the goal covered by a skilled goalie
by peteress dommonus September 06, 2015
a sport that requires hand-eye coordination. It is extremely hard and only for the most talented. Some people may think its as easy as a ball in a stick, but it is much more complex. You need to be able to run, need to be able to take a beating and must be strong. You also need to be able to handle what the ref says whether he is wrong or right.
Some of the most hardest positions in lacrosse are:
The goalie is undermined because people think it is as easy as catching a ball. WRONG. Goalies must be able to yes, catch a ball but also see where the ball is going and follow it, and be able to swallow tears when the ball hits their bare skin. Midfield is also very hard too, because middys run up and down, and all over the field. Defense too, you need to be big, and loud and scream and stay on your girl and continue to guard her.

If you want to play lacrosse, you would need to be ready to be awake at 4 in the morning for a 6:00 tournament. YES TOURNAMENT.
The practices are the least fun in all of lacrosse but pays off the most. Lacrosse is the best sport ever.
I was up at 3 in the morning for my lacrosse tournament! I'm exhausted but ready for practice!
by RandomPersonlol123 May 21, 2014
A game played on a field that is 110 yards long and 60 yards wide. While in play there are 10 players on the field at a time (20 if you include the opposing team). The players are divided into four groups the Mid-Fielders, the Attack, the Defense, and the Goalie. The Mid-Fielders are players that can go on either side of the field and play both defense and offense and there stick can be between the length of 40 inches and 42 inches. The Attack are three players that stay on the opposing teams side of the field and have the same sized stick as the Mid-fielders. The Defenders stay on one side of the field and defend their goal their stick can be between the length of 52 and 72 inches long.

Lacrosse can be played in almost any weather conditions except if it is thundering and lightning.

Lacrosse is for the athletically able, to play lacrosse you need to be fast, strong, smart, quick thinking, and you need to have stamina and a lot of it. you also need to be able to take a hit and they continue to play.

Lacrosse is amazing and can Kick baseball's ass any day.
Lacrosse can be played in the rain, snow, sleet, hail, basically any weather condition (but not thunder and Lightning)
But a baseball game is canceled if it starts to drizzle out also baseball games are so boring that half way through the game there is time for you to awake your self up from your after noon nap. Baseball sucks ass
by BlackhawkxxLax March 03, 2011
The most badass sport there is.
1. The center of the rubber ball is CONCRETE
2. Native Americans played the sport instead of going to war with other tribes. The losing team was killed.
3. It's the opposite of baseball.
4. The offense players are called Attackmen.
5. Have you seen a good shot at a goalie?
6. One of the fastest sports their is.
7. You carry a weapon at all times.
"You look like a badass"
"Well, I do play lacrosse."

"I couldn't decide if I wanted to get in a knife fight with a samurai or play lacrosse"
"Lacrosse dude, no contest."
by Professor Ovaheard March 05, 2009
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