lacrosse is the fuckin hardest sport in the world, u need speed, stamina, hand eye coordination, and a huge dick to play this sport. Base balls for fuckin pussies who think there cool. BASEBALLS FORS QUEERS!!!
BASEBALL PLAYER-i stood in the outfield the whole game and didnt even move! then i slapped my teammates ass and ate some sunflower seads!

LACROSSE PLAYER-shut the hell up u fuckin pussy, ill kick ur ass if u ever speak again
by bob June 03, 2004
Fast, hard, vicious and a hell of a lot of fun. in box lacrosse, cross-checking, slashing and a variety of other things like that are legal. there are tons of rules, but mostly the basic "don't do this, don't do that" types. the refs generally give you some leeway too, so it gets rough. even with the pads, i've seen a guy's arm snap right through them, and you never come out of a game unscathed. if you aren't sore and bruised by the end, you aren't working hard enough. the object is a nice, simple "get the ball in the net", with no off-sides and very few illegal procedures ( there are a couple in minor, i'm not sure about senior). apparently, it's played in the U.K. as a non-contact sport for girls private schools. this is bullshit, i can list quite a few girls who could kick my ass at full-contact lacrosse, and besides, it just gives the sport a bad name over there. calling non-contact lacrosse a sport is like calling touch football (that would be american football, not soccer)a sport. if someone ever tells you that lacrosse is a sport for pussies and fags, never believe a word that comes out of their mouths again. drag them down to a game and make them watch as some guy gets his head taken off by a high-stick. they don't know what the hell their talking about. it's the fastest sport on two feet, it's as violent as rugby, it's more fun to watch than hockey and it just plain kicks baseball's ass. it is one of the best sports ever invented, and no one can legitamately tell you otherwise
damn the natives got something great going here
by the lord con June 26, 2005
a way dope sport (only consitered gay by fags who play baseball)
cool guy: hey, want to go play lacrosse?
fag: no i would rather sit around on my ass eating sunflower seeds and stair at other guys butts (in other words- play baseball)
by your mom March 21, 2005
a sport to some, but life for others.
List of Important things in Life.
1. Lacrosse
2. Sex.
3. Breathing.
by sunshine69 August 14, 2006
an around the world played game where we get to run around and hit each other with sticks... come on what could be better. It used to be a death game played by indeans where they had a mile long field and wooden balls.. adn the looser basiclaly died. THE FASTEST GAME ON TWO FEET!!
"Real friends dont let friends play softball"
by laxer2113 June 25, 2005
The fastest sport on two feet.
My boyfriend is the 3rd best lacrosse goalie in the state.
by Katey November 27, 2004
A freaking sweet sport. It's for the athletic players who are looking for something more exciting than baseball, not trying to put down baseball in any way. Dominated by the East Coast, although it's starting to spread out in California and Colorado. A predominantly white sport, but as it spreads people of all races are beginning to start playing.
Typical Baseball Player: OMFGZOR LACROSSE IS GAY!
Typical Lacrosse Player: OMFGZOR BASEBALL IS GAY!

And this accomplishes...?
by eMachine August 14, 2006
a kick ass sport that is 100 times better than baseball and hockey. Anyone who plays baseball instead of lacrosse needs to grow a dick.
Pat J.'s mom gave me head the other nite becuz she loved the fact that i played lacrosse
by lacrosse January 04, 2005

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