Im fae Scotland, and its mostly something that neds wear.Or wanna be neds wear.
Ned- I git a new lacoste trackie the day man.
by KirstyEmm January 04, 2006
Brand of clothing worn by preps who have insane amounts of cash, and present them selves like they are better than you.

Brittany: I KNOW RIGHTT.

*normal people walk by*

Ashley: EW FAGZ.
by Izzy-bee June 26, 2007
a very high end brand name for preppy clothing

my dad once had a lacoste shirt, but he didnt want to show everyone that he was preppy so he tried to cut the alligator out so no one would find out.
Turns out he left a big hole there and all night pple were asking, whats up with your shirt hahahaha
Lacoste is for people who want to look prep (unlike my dad)
by BLondieeeeee May 28, 2006
A polo shirt made by Rene Lacoste, who also invented gay ear sex and made putting shoes in your boyfriends ass on Wednesday nights popular. This polo is made for the only the phoniest phonies and anyone who wears it swears off all manlyness.
Prep: " I got a new polo, its Lacoste, I even got a prize with it!"

Me: "What would that be?"

Prep: "A brand new Dildo for me and my boyfriend to use! It even has a crocodile on it, they usually sell for like $80 because they are made by special kids in china."
by AllMenArePansiesNow March 02, 2010
A brand started by French tennis player Rene Lacoste. Made famous with the 1212 polo shirt which features a crocodile on the breast. Sadly it has gone from an honest French brand to being worn by idiots around the world who probably know nothing about the company, only wearing the shirts because other idiots like themselves do.
Dumbass:Hey man i want one of those cool Lacoste polos
Cool French guy:why?
Dumbass:Because it's pimpin'!
Cool French Guy:*socks dumbass*
by Giants05 June 29, 2005
The alligator. Originally created by the french tennis player Rene Lacoste (who was nicknamed "the alligator"). He sought to create a new kind of comfortable polo shirt. Lacoste was one of the first companys to display a brand on the outside of the shirt.

Today it is world-famous and has moved into all types of fashion, as well as keeping its excellent reputation as quality makers of polos. It has enjoyed a revival of late.
" Yo man that Lacoste shirt in pink in pimpin'"
by dekstarr January 17, 2005
A brand of clothing popular with neds/chavs in the west of Scotland. No-one respectable wears them.
"Look at ma new Lacoste trainers man"

"State ah yoo, ya mad ned"
by A Cool Guy II September 17, 2006
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