A brand,plain and simple.Known for the gator symbol and their polos.It doesn't matter what people consider it anyways(prep,frat),you like it,you wear it.
girl:you think I should buy a Lacoste shirt,or are they too preppy.
guy:no,go ahead,buy it.it's a brand,and who cares what insecure people consider it.
by E.Anne May 19, 2005
Lacoste is a world renowned French luxury clothing line. They're famous for the very light and brightly colored Pique-Polo as well as sweaters and shoes. Lacoste is praised for its modern and trendy approach to the classic "prep style". Unfortunately, since it is a famous brand, all sorts of celebrities (mostly hip-hop stars which are ignorant) flaunt their money by buying clothing manufactured by Lacoste and sporting it in their videos. Not only does this insult the company that such ignorant, dirty and disgusting people who happen to have connections to a recording gig, but it insults the people who wear the brand with respect to their true style. Lacoste is usually associated with Ralph Laurens more classy and refined styles thus, these two brands go hand in hand to form the perfect preppy wardrobe. Abercrombie And Fitch just can not compete - it is far too fake and obnoxious.
Man: UGH! i hate how i see kanye west sing about 1000 women and crystal while he wears the layered Lacoste polos. He is mos-def not a prep

Other Man: i completely agree with you - these people have no respect for the brand. what low-lives
by Matthew Pierre November 13, 2006
A preppy, French clothing brand that is well-known for their polo shirts. Their logo has a crocodile on the left side of the breast. They make $72 polo shirts that fit comfortably and are very styling. Lacoste polos come in a wide variety of colors. They look good on almost anyone. I personally think they look really cute on girls.
Wow, she looks so hott in that lacoste shirt
by Preppy Cool Dude 24 May 02, 2007
The kind of polo shirt that features and alligator on the breast. They are the ultimate shirt to wear to a fraternity party, to an emo concert, or to your video shoot.
You listen to Emo Music, you're a rapper, and I am in a fraternity, but at least we can agree on one thing: : LaCoste shirts rule!
by fedeazel September 08, 2004
A high quality polo shirt that was created in the 20's or 30's by the famous tennis player Rene Lacoste. His nickname was the crocidile so thats where the logo is from. These shirts retail for about $72-90 for a polo shirt. $50 for a t-shirt and about $150 for a sweater. If u get any lacoste items thats under 45 bucks...its most likely fake. They dont come in s,m,l,xl but they use the euro sizing 3,4,5,6,7

Many preps (well mannered intelligent people east coast) USED to wear lacoste but since it was released in to the materialistic world (eg. rappers and rich-snobby snobs who think there rich with thier escalades and big rims). Preps dont wear it as much.
Wigaar 1: yo lets buy dem pink lacoste polos.
Wiggar 2: yeahh...we gatta buy xxxl for dem booty ladies.

Real Prep: haha...they dont know what there talking about...
by YYUUNN July 17, 2006
A clothing brand in which the polo shirts cost a bunch of money and the fabric of the polo shirts is of bad quality because certain deodorant mixed with sweat can leave permanent stains in the polo shirts.
I wore gel deodorant underneath my Lacoste polo shirt and now there are stains that will not come out when I wash the polo shirt.
by Edefiner April 16, 2015
An amazing clothing store with great mens cologne!
im porr so i have to go to a&f

ew gross ur gonna get rabis but i wont cause i wear la coste
by likeohem gee August 02, 2006

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