1) A river in NSW, Australia.

2) Lachlan is also a boys name. He is amazing, relatively smart, has an amazing sense of humour and uses it to make others laugh, even if he gets in trouble because of it. He isn't afraid to speak his mind and be outspoken. May not be popular, but doesn't have to be. Is so nice and kind. Easy to love <3
Person 1: Who's that?
Person 2: Lachlan. He's not popular, but he's amazing despite that.
Person 1: OH the one who makes everyone laugh?
by someone who wrote this June 22, 2013
other references being:
and rat
definition: a guy who fails at almost every social situation possible
Lachlan: move out the way Waseem, I'll show you how it's done
*tries to grind on Izzi*
Izzi: No Lachlan! what are you doing?
by the schlanmeister ;D September 15, 2009
Someone who is a noob (that is, has no will to learn). They generally spend their time queefing instead of learning. They could also be described as clueless or/and unmotivated
You see that lachlan? Why does he queef instead of learn?
What a lachlan!
by jesuswozhere May 13, 2010
Someone who likes to admire the size of male dogs testicles
Lachlan: "Wow look at the size of Rosco's balls. THEY'RE HUGE!!!!"
by L337 H4X0R March 15, 2003
an annoying little brother who tells fucked up stories at the dinner table, generally in front of his parents
lachlan: "This one guy thinks he's so hardcore cause he wanks over porn mags!" (in reference to an 11 year old friend)


lachlan: "he was just masturbating onto everthing, it was soooo funny!"
by random defiler March 13, 2003
big nippled
Lachlan has Lachlan
by James Gilbert September 11, 2003
a kid who is really pasty, really short, has his pants hitched up to his armpits, and has his shirt tucked into his underware. he is a freak who stated year seven at the age of 10 and he has an iq of 180.
Me: "I hate that kid"
by L337 H4X0R March 17, 2003
that kid i hate
Me: "I hate that kid!"
by L337 H4X0R March 17, 2003

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