1) A river in NSW, Australia.

2) Lachlan is also a boys name. He is amazing, relatively smart, has an amazing sense of humour and uses it to make others laugh, even if he gets in trouble because of it. He isn't afraid to speak his mind and be outspoken. May not be popular, but doesn't have to be. Is so nice and kind. Easy to love <3
Person 1: Who's that?
Person 2: Lachlan. He's not popular, but he's amazing despite that.
Person 1: OH the one who makes everyone laugh?
by someone who wrote this June 22, 2013
Another word for "good snowboarder"
"wow check out that guy he just did a rodeo, that must be a Lachlan"
by poomdn February 20, 2013
Person 1: Lachlan you are so O:)
by dsfghj June 01, 2012
A handsome Indian prince,
can be found in many forms mostly the ghetto city playing pool. He believes he is a sassy, swaggity swaggo, fabulous beast but is not.

Typical signs and actions in order to recognise this rare species include:
- hanging around in eucalyptus trees
- flaring dragon nostrils
- polka dot pants
- uncontrollably fluffy hair
- big biceps
- fairy wings
- eats chicken and wowdamelm
- loves snickers
- loves tiana and ruby
- and princess pilo pilo
- sometimes named chip, does not invite jerome to the tea party
"YOU LOOK LIKE BROCK FROM POKEMON! You're such a Lachlan!"
"OH NO! You have just been hit by a fluffy Lachlan!"
"Are you a magician? Cause abracadayum. U a Lachlan."
by princess pilo pilo November 16, 2013
An extremely hot girl,nice upper chest. Extremely smart and attractive person.
Man, that girl is a Lachlan; dang she is hot with such a fine body.
by hlkjsafhdklj April 07, 2009
A really gay kid who takes the dick every day. He loves to suck really hard cock. Every night he has anal with gay prostitutes.
Last night I did a Lachlan
by MrFry00 May 06, 2012
Someone who is a noob (that is, has no will to learn). They generally spend their time queefing instead of learning. They could also be described as clueless or/and unmotivated
You see that lachlan? Why does he queef instead of learn?
What a lachlan!
by jesuswozhere May 13, 2010

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