1. A type of fabric used to make those ugly dollies your grandma uses.
2. A nickname for girls named: Lacy, Lacie, Lacey, Laci
1. "Ew grandma! What's under your glass?"
"Oh that's my dollie! It's made out of the finest lace of France."

2. "Hey"
"Oh Hi Lace! How are you?"
by lalalalolly January 11, 2012
some one who has there head so far up the bosses ass all u can see is there laces
"hey look laces is at it again"

"yer i no man that guy is such a ass kisser"
by shifty1 April 03, 2009
(1)A pattern material like fabric.

(2)The coolest gang in the world. O-<

Godfathers are: skank, tinK B, Ginga
(1)I love the lace on your wedding dress.

(2)Did you hear about the new gang lace? Well, i hear they're pretty chill!
by EmilyAndBrittany November 25, 2006
A hard strike or violent slam
I'm gonna lace right the hell into you if you dont leave me alone!
by ~ J.P ~ June 17, 2009
to have sex with, see splackin
nigs last night i laced that twat
by raysean courtprokes April 06, 2008
1.doing something perfectly
2.to fuck
1a. "Have you tried that trick yet?" "Man, I laced that shit"
1b. (while playing Halo you snipe someone) "Bitch! You just got LACED!"
2. "Man I laced that shit the first night"
by Benk January 02, 2005
to shoot someone a numerous amount of times.
keep talk'n and im'a lace yo bitch ass up
by lowrance Moore February 07, 2008

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