the point of origin; esp. a household.
"Let's take it to the lab so i can meditate."
by iq December 02, 2002
Acronym for life's a bitch. Many wannabe emos and wannabe blacks use this acronym.
Person 1: Man, my girlfriend just dumped my ass.

Person 2: LAB.
by Navsun July 08, 2009
Lifes a bitch
"hey man i just failed my final and will not be going then got hit by a car paralizing me for life!"

"wow L.A.B. for you isn't it?"
by Cunter Of The John December 15, 2003
dr. dre's studio(like r.kelly's kitchen)
i've been in the lab with a pen and a pad tryin to get this damn lael off
by eminem August 29, 2003
L.A.B means (Loud Ass Bitch)

When a person, usually a woman who is outspoken, rude, annoying ect. Someone who doesn't know when too shut the Hell up.
Hey guys here comes the L.A.B!!!
by Ren93 November 15, 2012
Pronounced as "lab" and stands for lame ass bitch.
Shout out to all the L.A.Bs who talk shit on Facebook, then claim their page got hacked.
by bossbitchnikki January 03, 2014
Local Ass Bitch : Someone that thinks they are doing big things but they are really only semi-important in the region they come from and not on a National or International level.
John thinks he is the shit but he is a L.A.B ass nigga, no one knows him outside of Miami
by LLCoolBlaze November 14, 2013
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