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The meaning is tough to generalize, but "Essence" comes close.
¿Que onda?
What's up? This is the most common greeting among young people

Así es la onda Mexicana
That's the mexican way/style

Le tiró la onda.
He/She came on to him/her

¿Cual es tu onda?
What interests you/what are you like/what do you do?

!Que Buena Onda!
That rules! What a nice person/action!

Que mala Onda
What a shame, What a reprehensible person/action
by VAKI5 September 20, 2005
A gang in Georgia in the city of Gainesville or AKA "The C.O.G." They claim the eastside and the color baby blue and the number 05. Has a alliance with B.O.E. 23 and is rivals with Sur13 & MVS 13 gangs.
Eastside 05 4 Life
by IamReaperX August 03, 2010
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