being in a happy,jolly state of emotion. or just being a complete freak having bursts of fun at random moments
girl 1: i got to go to the bathroom. *skips of to bathroom singing lalala*
girl 2: uhhhhh....
girl 3: i think shes in lalaland.
*girl 2 and 3 go running after girl 1 to save her from further embarrasment*
by lalaland girl** July 10, 2008
A place out of touch with reality
The United States of America is a fine example of La-la Land
by name, or pseudonym January 15, 2009
Los Angeles, California.
Dude, that chick is from La La Land. Wear a party hat.
by Bud Dickman February 19, 2005
A place of peace and tranquility most often induced by such things as the consumption of your favorite food, drug or um an intense orgasm...YEAH! ie. Your fkn HIGH OR simply have your head up your A$$.
Don't bother chattin with VRose today she is wayyyy in LALAland and won't know wtf you're saying !!!
by MeMeMEOWbaby! August 10, 2006
1) Where the old people go (with Alzheimer’s or dementia)
2) When you or someone else is in their happy place
3) A song by Demi Lovato
1) Grandma isn't listening. she's in la la land again.
2) Joe's la la land is in hawaii.
3) (see lyrics on another site.)
by njbubbles94 October 10, 2008
The term used for a state of mind in which liberals and most democrats seem unable to come to the realization that the world is not perfect and will never be perfect. Using propaganda such as "world peace" and "end world hunger" attract many people, supporting the concept that democrats/liberals/hippies win misinformed people over with compassion instead of common sense. The world is practically collapsing, socially and economically, and the democrats/liberals/hippies seem to be unaware or ignore it. The liberal utopia will always exist in their heads, but never in reality, thus they are in La La Land.
Student 1: "Holy fuck, I am sick and tired of these kids who think they know everything when really they just state opinions instead of facts and events."

Student 3: "Dude, there is nothing we can do to fix their minds, they've reached a point of no return as you can see from the Obama t-shirt. There in La La Land."
by FUBO2012 February 14, 2012
that place where you drift off to when someone is talking about a subject that bores, also can be known as spacing out, zoning, and just not paying attentiong
teacher: eh hem! I'm talking to you!

me: oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh.... sorry, I was in... la la land
by saxaphoner September 20, 2009

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