YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS YOU DON'T LIVE HERE, bitch. 1210 for life, and if you don't know what that means get the hell out of my town. WE DON'T WANT YOU OR YOUR F'ING NEGATIVE COMMENTS...
So I went to the La Jolla beach, all of them, and kicked all the NOR CAL and ZONI's out... they just dont belong! IF you say Hella, get the "hella" out!
by RNP June 08, 2005
Aka. Little Israel. The most jewish place in San Diego. The girls are all spoiled sluts and the guys are all spoiled stoners who think their hot shit and badass, but totally aren't. LJ is currently being over run by JuMexs (pronounce Jew-Mex, not the drink but Jewish+Mexican) who should not even be considered a form of life. Everyone one else is jewish, as jew canoes dominate the streets. Also home to many of the worst drivers ever; rich women in big SUVs, old asian women in Benzs, and rich assholes with little dicks and $200,000 sports cars, all of which will tailgate you, cut you off, run you off the road, and/or hit you. Everything here is WAY more expensive than it should be, because nothing in this town is really that good, except for the beaches (but not shores because that's the gayest, Zonie Jewfest ever!). LJHS also doesn't give diplomas to people who haven't done drugs once in the school bathrooms over the course of their time at the school.
1. La Jolla girl: Like, oh my gawd, i was totally wasted and totally doing coke, when i blew 6 guys in my brand new Lexus.

2. LJ Guy: 1210, 420 bro. Blaze, keystone, blaze, surf, get D. Blitz.

3. LJ guy: beat it kook.
"Kook":*beats LJ guy's face in* Nah, i think i'm gonna stay
LJ guy: *Sob*I'm calling dad, he's a lawyer, and i'm gonna sue your ass.
"Kook":oh shut the fuck up, you spoiled, greasy, fuckin jewmex. Eat shit and die.
#jewish #jewtastic #third street #jewmex #jumex #blaze #1210 #blitz #israel #la jolla #most jewish place ever #coke #weed #sluts #stoners #lj #ljhs #san diego #ucsd
by MDMI March 08, 2009
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