Good for you. And it's implied that I don't really care.
Sarah talked at agonizing length about when she saw Steven Tyler at Aspen. Julie had heard enough and said 'la dee da'.
by Steve January 20, 2005
Top Definition
when someone is bored they will say la dee da to show they are bored but still happy. common mostly for girls
"*sigh* la dee da, *plays with pensil*"
by corey January 05, 2005
1) an expression of contempt, disinterest, or boredom, often used in the phrase "Well la dee da" as a sarcastic "now isn't that amazing" or "good for you"

2) a phrase for singing, humming, mumbling etc. to show joyful innocence
1) Bob: You know what? I learned that the sky is blue today!
Bill: Well la dee da.

2) The little girl skipped along singing "La dee da, what a wonderful day!", until she was unfortunately run over by a garbage truck.
#interest #dum de dum #la la la la la #gloom #la de da
by Lewis Viking December 20, 2005
Like I give a shit; Good for you... who cares???
Willy: Now run home to your shack.
Lisa: I live in a house!
Willy: Well LA DEE DA college girl!!
#la dee da #la de da #la di da #sarcasm #opinion
by zarkasm May 19, 2007
Something you so to a ponce or someone else trying to sound impressive or show off
Well la dee da richboy
by Ben Davis September 30, 2003
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