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la de da - if someone who usually talks slang says something posh or an unusually large word, unlikly of them
"It was momentray infactuation"

"ooo la deee da!!"
by xx.:~*Chazza*~:.xx June 01, 2005
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A phrase you can use to dismiss someone or something. It's like saying "oh well," "talk to the hand," or "who cares!"
You know I was at the store the other day and I saw so in so and she was caring on and on about this, that and the other, and I just wanted to say why don't you just...


La de da!
by Bluetree June 03, 2010
2 have fun or to be funny.
"That guy was La de da
by Spencer February 24, 2005
A term used when u are bored.
Danni: la di da da
Rachel: la de da da
Danni: La la la de de da
Rachel: Ok I get it...we're bored!
by HiHiHiHiHiHiHiHi December 22, 2005

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