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-usually said as just 'beward.' taken from the word "bitch" watered down to "b word" and transformed to la beward.

1)A loud know it all (usually from the west coast) who never shuts up even when EVERYONE wants them to.

2) A liar that no one believes because they lie so much about everything including culture and trips taken. Usually this person is from the opposite coast as the people they are around, so they tell huge lies about where they are from.
1) Dude, shut up and stop being such a beward. (A male would say this).

2) OMG, Kathy. That girl is over there saying that California is the smallest state in the US. She's SO la-beward. (girls usually say la beward).

3) Say: "That chick should do theatre. She's so loud and lies so easily."
Response: "That's because she's a beward. Didn't you know that?"
by Philly Chica August 22, 2009
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