A dialect of typing that uses numbers and symbols to replace letters, and many misspellings. The name is a bastardization of "elite speak", as it was originally popularized to "look cool" and seperate one from word=noobnoobs/word.
Examples of such replacements used in leetspeak are: 1's or |'s for l's and/or i's, 5's or z's for s's, @'s or 4's for a's, \/\/'s for w's, etc. People who use l33tspeak usually have their own form, using their own combinations of replacements and misspellings.
A popular form of l33tsp33k uses random capitalizations of letters that are not (or cannot be, in some cases) replaced.
Nowadays computer geeks, and those who spend much of their day in word=chat roomchat rooms/word or word=forumforums/word will use intermittent l33tsp33k to joke around with one another; true l33tsp33kers are rarely seen around the internet anymore.
j00 R 4 1337 h4><><0rZ
by The Zim Bob Way January 27, 2003
A "dialect" of english that uses symbols/numbers/etc. in place of letters. used by people who think they are "1337 |-|4><0RZ", but are really just morons trying to be cool. They also mis-define the word hack, which _REALLY_ means "to program".

Comes from "Elite Speak"

Bytehway: it really is not cool to use this, just type normally.
Moron: ! 4/\/\ 4 1337 |-|4><0R, |)00|)!
Me: ...moron...
by "Niffshack" February 20, 2005
l33tsp33k is a mostly dead internet language used by geeks and hackers to make themselves feel special. It is now used by geeks, people who wish to annoy others in a chatroom and is often found in various webcomics, such as Megatokyo.
Largo: j00 d34d f00!
Piro: Dear lord, someone please kill him already.
by nineve January 25, 2005
as above. also spelt as 13375p33|<
j00 4r3 73h 5u|<493
by threshazoid October 29, 2003
language spoken by counterstrike nerds and hackers who REALLY, REALLY NEED TO GET LAID.
if u can understand this language, i advise u to get alife before u get your hands glued to your comp
by da rekad playa April 05, 2005
a stupid way to waste time for ppl who cant find ne thing better to do than peck around their key board translating understandable language into symbolic gibberish.
l33tsp33k 1$ R34!!Y 57\_/P1|)
by goats rule March 01, 2004
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