l'injection chaud de boeuf is a wrong translation of "hot beef injection" The right stence is : "Injection de boeuf chaud". But french people used "sucette à la viande" -> "A meat flavoured lollipop".
"Hi honey did You know this french speciality ? l'injection chaud de boeuf !"
"You must learning french before."
by Kooz October 19, 2005
directly translated from French: 'Hot Injection of beef'
Probably intended to be a translation of the expression 'hot beef injection', which refers to the insertion of a penis into one of the bodily orifices.
Avez-vous vu l'injection chaud de boeuf? Cette injection était chaude en eustie les gars. Voullez-vous un peu de beuf pour vos troubles? Directement dans le pêteux? Vous êtes dégeux.
by glenner7979 August 02, 2006
The act of giving one an injection with your hot beef en francais.

see: hot beef injection

background: HOT BEEF INJECTION!!!
Maxim Aug '04
Tu aime l'injection chaud de boeuf avec ton pere tout le jour.

Hiroki69: do you know HBI STEAKS?
Karinna: HBI?? no, what is that
by Affan Ahmed August 02, 2004

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