A small black land hippo that has down syndrome. Tends to be clueless about most things. Scared of beards and hats.
Whoa did you see that Kylie over there?
by Ozz210 June 21, 2014
A ginger with a nice ass.
Guy1:Woah! look at her!
Guy2:She is such a kylie!
by YKG February 11, 2012
A Kylie is an amazingly large titted girl.
MAN 1:holy shit,did you see that kylie?
MAN 2:no,where?!?!
MAN 1:you missed her.
MAN 2 damnit.
by rizzle d August 02, 2010
Kylie is a girl with big ass boobs and is usually gay
I bet that's a kylie
by pussylovaa January 31, 2015
This is a girl who had at one stage, slept with the whole football team, she is a fictional character.
her boyfriends name is Davie, and she also slept with the coach.
girl one: hey, did you hear about kylie>
girl two: yeah, i heard she slept with the whole football team
girl one: yeah, i heard that too
by cr00kedy0ung August 10, 2013
Another word for weed
That stoner has been smoking so much kylie!
by Jrodisapimp February 27, 2010
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