The Most Amazing Girl You Will Ever Meet. She Is Very Outgoing And Loves To Hang Out With Friends. She Will Always Be Their For Her Friends No Matter What. She Is Very Athletic And Caring. She Will Try New Things, Even If She Knows Its Wrong. She Will Never Mis-Judge Anybody. She Is Very Popular And Has Alot Of Friends. She Walks Around School Giving Everybody That One "Glare" But As Soon As You Get To Meet Her, You Will Love Her. If You Dont Have A Kylie In Your Life, I Would Suggest You Get One Soon. (:
"Kylie Is The Most Amazing Friend Ever!" Said Rylee DeHaven.
by i love you so much April 08, 2011
This nicest girl you will ever know. She is really into horoscopes and all that stuff.
She is the prettiest, fiercest girl ever too. She walks around school with her intense glare and everybody is intimidated by her and her cat-like ness : D
Girl 1- Dude, that girl is so pretty....I wish I looked like her
Girl 2-Oh thats Kylie. She is so nice, but intimidating!
Girl 1- We should go be best friends with her!
by hipstakitty March 01, 2011
The most beatiful girl in the world who has the face of angels and a sexy tan body. Really smart and hilarious with the greatest personality ever. Also musically talented and you will never be able to get her off your mind. But she won't have sex with you because she's Mormon so you just have to wait to marry her.
David:I love Kylie so freaking much!!!!

Will:She lives in Utah now so there is no use.

David: I know it sucks!!!
by Joker 99 October 27, 2011
Someone who is very mature but doesn't feel like it alot of the time. Faced with many adult problems even though she's just a child inside. Strong on the outside, but tear filled within. Puts on a smile and makes everyone else happy, but suffers secretly. Loves deeper than most. Scared to disappoint, especially her family and friends. Very direct but not rude. But will stand up for herself and others as needed. Feels like she's crazy, loosing all sanity.
"Man, she is caring alot of weight on her shoulders!"
"Yeah, she's a Kylie for sure"
by linkerbinkers November 28, 2011
Kylie is a girl with a heart so kind and caring. She is extremely shy when she's around new people. She's smart and cute. She is very angelic with a very nice personality. She is quiet most of times and is very mature for her age.

She is a good listener and stays by her friends' side. She sticks up for them and protects them. She has a very beautiful voice and is not very athlentic. She is rarely bold with her actions and likes to surprise people with her new sides.
If you know a Kylie, you're lucky.

Friend: Kylie got angry for the first time.

Me: What? That good girl KYLIE?!

Friend: Yeah.


Girl 1: I saw Kylie yesterday. She was picking up a stray cat.

Girl 2: Aww, such a caring girl..
by anongurl June 22, 2011
The greatest friend anyone could have. She's pretty, funny, smart, and athletic. She may be small but can kick butt! She gives great advice and can help anyone through a rough patch. Kylie's want a guy who is gorgeous, athletic, and just as fun as her. She is always with guys but is never taken seriously by them. Kylie's are loyal and trustworthy.
Girl 1 Oh my gosh who's that girl scoring all points?

Girl 2 That's Kylie. She's a beast.
by LizzytheLizard1175 December 22, 2012
The most beautifully gorgeous girl ever! Probably doesn't hear it enough to believe it. Sometimes unsure but emotionally the strongest person ever. Definitely not someone you'd want to let go of<3
~Stop being Kylie & admit it!
~why can't you see that you are Kylie.
by kcmr<3 September 04, 2011

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