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A beautiful, bubbly, intelligent, minature lady who has a big smile and a cheery voice.
"Part of me is a sexual exhibitionist."
(she's not afraid to be sexual, but this does not make her a slut. Sexuality is something that was taken off the "taboo list" aaaages ago.)
by Cup-Sellithaine February 03, 2005
The definition of pop music.
Kylie Minogue. Ever changing, her popularity may go up or down but she's always loved.
by colaboy7 March 10, 2006
one of the sexiest women in the world.
i could spend hours licking Kylie's warm, soft body.
by mystical beast May 05, 2005
A half Peruvian half Caucasian pop star with a nice ass and cool moves.
la la la la la la la la
by crockedpenis April 21, 2005
chocolate bitch who has a voice like a snake.
hey kylie everytime i listen to your music, you really sings like a snake. your voice has a lot of air.
by moron December 10, 2004
someone who uses their riches, popularity, and power to condem the sick and elderly to a life of desolation.
narrowed definition: a heartless selfish woman who forces sick and ill people out of hospital and requires a complete hospital ward to be painted pink and all paitents to be moved out so she can have her own private ward.
google this: Ward cleared for Kylie
by lista_ads June 02, 2005
possibly one of the most sluttish women in the pop world plus she sounds exactly like her equally sluttish sister dani.
oooooooh kylie's gay
by Correspondingly November 11, 2004