water based lubricant used to fuck through the butt.
It has a thick consistency and a tendency to dry out during use, but can be "reactivated" by the addition of saliva or more water. Not recommended for ingestion, it has a sweetish taste, so as to not interfere with oral sex.
Woman: never through the butt. that hurts! the ass is not lubricated!
Man: Oh, common baby! I'll use some K Y to make it easier!
by SuperJugss August 18, 2007
Emo kid.
Loves teh webcam girlz.
acts dprzd.
is lonely.
talks to self a lot.
"are you alive?" - victim
"emo but yah D:" - Ky
by CourtneyParrkkee September 17, 2008
Unit of innocence
Cami is 1 ky
by Skraal January 16, 2010
The State of Kentucky
You momma is from Kentucky
by TunTavern October 06, 2004
Comes from an instrument known as a kymograph, which is a machine used to record the temporal variations of any physiological or muscular process. This devise could be used to measure the intensity of a sexual act on a specific part of the body.
For example, it could measure the heart rate of a woman about to have an orgasm. KY jelly could be used to lubricate the pad to the chest.
by KY Man March 02, 2006
Kill Yourself!

When somebody is more then annoying!
-What? I don't understand you!
-So RTFM then KY!
by etg May 04, 2006
Known to be as a jelly for gays, that they place 1/3 of the way up there arsehole, to make there ass all slippy when having sex, so dignifying.
Gay 1: Im From the KY Gang.
Gay 2: Oh yea? Which country?
Gay 1: Im from the other country...
Gay 2: So am i! UHHH. Take that silly.


Gay 1: That was good, but i payed you £50 for it, i knew you'd try your best.
Gay 2: I need a tub of KY for myself! its great.
Gay 1: It wasn't KY silly, It was Fuck Cheese!
by SWEDEN4U August 22, 2007

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