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Something used to pleasure a female, i.e. dildo vibrator or human cock
You stick it in your pussy and shove it in and out.
Something that Matts girlfriend buys at a sex store.
by timmy harland March 06, 2005
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A chinese martial arts champion.
Kwanks can almost fly, they can jump from any size and make no sound when they land. They can destroy a whole army just using their fists. Their greatest power is that they can shoot nuts from their hands and hit whatever they want totally accurate.

Since they are so good, they don't have to care about anything. If anyone messes with them, they are soon to be six feet under.
Kwank don't give a shit about the great barrier reef
by The Crimson King April 25, 2005
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to take a drag.
If you are kwanking something, you are inhaling the smoke of a smoking device or other smoking parephanelia.
Bline up the damn splinky, kwank that shit and pass it ova hea.
by Oliver Quidgeums October 13, 2005
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A term to use to describe a basic bitch who likes Starbucks and yoga pants.

Used to described basic Chinese girls.
"omg did you just see Kelly?" "yeah she just spilled her pumpkin spice latte on her new uggs." "what a kwank"
by A the fab September 29, 2013
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