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an acronym for "knife up the uterus"
a kutu is that type of PMS or menstrual cramp that hurts like a motherfucker and makes you want to sit in bed and cry, bitch and moan all day (and you usually end up doing just that). the kutu is without a doubt the worst and most painful cramp a woman can have. if a girlfriend or a friend has them, you should be as nice to her as possible, because chances are those kutu's are making her have a really shitty day.
carrie: hey, is ellie going to the bar with us tonight?
rebecca: no :( the poor girl got kutu's about an hour ago!
carrie: oh no! you know what, screw going to the bar. let's bring her some chocolate and chick flicks to try and cheer her up.
by jeanneeeeeeee January 25, 2009
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