Per kalyso's definition, this refers to a high grade brand of marijuana made famous by the reggae song. However, the artist for that song is Frankie Paul, not Shabba Ranks.
"Pass the kushungpeng, pass it over"
by tffan September 25, 2009
Top Definition
A common name for marijuana in Reggae music.
I don't smoke cigarette 'cause it puts out my breath.
I don't sniff coke 'cause it would make I choke.
All I smoke is the reefer shungpeng.
Kushungpeng make I wanna smoke again.
Pass the Kushungpeng, pass it over.
So if you use the cannabis let me hear you shout
Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!
~Kushungpeng, Shabba Ranks
by kalypso March 10, 2008
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