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The Kunzjob is the most creative and greatest of all sexual endeavors. On a cold November night Sean and Stephen (brothers of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity-Lambda Mu Chapter) decided what it should be. The parameters of this most initmate of intimates include that: The female must be wearing motorcycle helmet as well as motorcycle leathers. The female rides the males face, facing the oppposite way while grabbing the feet of the male as if they were the motorcycle handlebars. The female "revs" the feet of the male (i.e Eric-also a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity) as he makes motorcycle RPM noises into the vagina of the riding female (Megan-girlfriend and Ivy League student at Columbia University) It's very short lasted but the novelty of it is better than you could ever expect. Basicaly it's doing the motorboat into the downstairs of the female in the most motorcycle of fashion.
She likes motorcycles and vaginal pleasures, so I gave her a kunzjob.
by Eric himself October 11, 2006
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