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A person who indulges in sexual intercourse,especially anal intercourse,with a member of the same sex,i.e, a homosexual.The word has its origins in the Malayalam language spoken in the southern Indian state of Kerala.The word is a derogatory word for a homosexual.Some towns of kerala are infamous for its number of kundans like tirur and manjeri.
I know for a fact that he swings both ways and is a kundan.
by mysteriouspolgrim March 17, 2010
Kundan is a Hindi name for boys meaning Pure.
Nobody can be as pure as Kundan!
by kdnsm December 13, 2015
a very cool indian guy .. he lives in anaheim california... he goes to esperanza high school.
by hot girl June 02, 2003
a poor fuckin mexican who has over 5406 jobs...oh and he owns a nut and bolt company founded in mumbhai on the side...what a joke.. go kundan hernandez!
kundan is a mexican.
by Big Tits October 09, 2003

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