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1. A black hole formed from energie. (They only exist in theory.)

2. Someone so hot that even science can't understand it.

When the 'planck temperature' (141,000 billion billion billion K) is reached and even more energie is added, instantly a black hole will be formed. Since the radiation emitted by the planck temperature has the smallest wavelength possible (1.616*10^-26 nano meters) adding more energie (increasing its temperature) would cause an effect unexplained by science, but is likely to be the creation of a kugelblitz.
1. I wonder if there is a kugelblitz in our galaxy.

2. Scarlett Johansson is a kugelblitz.
by Kwitan October 28, 2012
Someone too hot to be described with words
You see this astonishingly hot chick and you walk up and say "Oh my, you are one fine kugelblitz"
by Noogger May 28, 2013
Literal translation from German - "Lightning Ball". Street term for a fat kid that runs fast.
Damn gurl.. I didnt know that fat Rhonda is a kugelblitz
by fat_rhondadqw May 20, 2016
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