1. A very common term used loosely in Tamil, meaning "Vagina".

2. Commonly used to describe a small car. Often a Maruti Suzuki or a Hyundai

3. Can also be used together with vegetables and fruits to mean "juice", such as "koyya kudhi" (Banana shake), or "pundai kudhi" (apple juice)
"Naan lalita odu periyu kudhi saaptaen. Rombu nalla irundichu." (I had a pineapple shake this morning. It was great)
by SugaMD November 26, 2009
Top Definition
Kudhi means pussy(Vagina) in Tamil
"Podaa Kudhi" means Go Away Pussy
"Aval Kudhi-yeh pudiche nakke" means lick her Pussy
"Sothee Kudhi" means weak Pussy
"Kudhi Paiyale" means Pussy Guy
by Ajak September 19, 2006

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