the KKK is the most stupid group of people i have ever come to know.
i'm part of the KKK and i really want to get out of this cult, the longer i stay the more of a chance i'm going to hell. (fuck that, my ticket's laminated because of you sick fucks)
i never should have joined, i was so stupid now and if i could have ONE WISH, i would wish that all of the KKK burns in hell with me.
thanks for ruining my life. you know instead of being assholes to everyone you should try befriending Jews, Blacks, and Asians. they're not too bad!!! they're better than you shitty excuses for a human being. the KKK is a waste of carbon, sperm and egg, they're God's enemies and they're too blind to see that. they've blinded themselves because they can't see the outside world, they can only see their insides (why? because their heads are up their asses).
as someone said earlier, you make no sense, you burn crosses yet you're for God.
ahem *opens Bible*
i believe the Bible says "you shall not murder".
*continues reading*
“There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you
are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28
God also said he created every man equal...
John 3:16 says that God
so loved the world, ALL men.

so you're all contradicting youself. you're a confused group of shit piles who take out their confusion on nice, harmless, innocent people who aren't confused. because of you breaking the commandments, they are ALL going to hell.
to those i have spoken about in this definition, thank you for reading and have a good death, fuckers.
Sunsay School Kids: "Why does the Ku Klux Klan kill people, Father John?"
Father John: "They are confused, children"
SSK: "Aren't they disobeying God?"
FJ: "Yes"
SSK: "Didn't they say they work for God?"
FJ: "Yes."
SSK: "What's the matter with them?"
FJ: "They are posing as God's servants, they are spies for Satan."
SSK: "We're gonna grow up in this world??" *shoots themselves*, do you see what you did thar? you've done it. you've killed innocent children (on the inside).
on the inside, they're dead because of you.
by July 10, 2008
fuck offs who waste half of there lives under rags and there grandma's bath robe
life wasters who are proud of killing people who are not fuckin crackers and that are proud of ku klux klan
by jorge lopez October 13, 2007
A group who believe white supremicy is the next step in evolution and believe it is gods will for white dormancy. they strike terror by burning a cross that symbolizes the light of Jesus. They're idea of a perfect human is white, heterosexual and Christian. They think they're doing humanity a favor by eradicating what they hate probably because they hate themselves but are to stuck up to see it.They're just giving the rest of us white people a bad name.
White KKK:we are gods will.
Ethnic:so gods will is to kill as many "non perfect Christians". have you read the 10 commandments.
KKK:don't worship a false idol!
Ethnic:don't kill.
i hate the ku klux klan
by werdanny whos only 13 August 07, 2007
Fukin Arseholes that jump around in there cumstained bedsheets who think there wizards and fuck horses.
they also gather round burning crosses and suck each others dicks(the kk bitches have dicks to).
Get a grip of yer self if yer a kk and kill yer self
yees dont deserve tay live yees r fukin up our world.
ku klux klan:no example need for these sad, worthless peeps
o wait i got one fukin bum jackers
by chrissy boi October 02, 2006
complete wankers who deserve a good ass woopin for their unmoral actions.
fuckin batty chode holes
by barnaby brown December 09, 2003
Normally shortened into the abbreviation "KKK". This is a group or organization of racist, homophobic dumb rednecks with low levels of intelligence and missing teeth who are mostly situated in the Southeastern part of the United States and believe greatly in the racial and genetic purity of the Aryan race. They also have no problems with incestuous relationships between relatives if it helps to preserve the "purity" of their race, despite this being a big no-no in biology. They normally wear white robes which are also equipped with white hoods to conceal their identities. Funny thing is that their costumes were influenced by some of the costumes that the Crusaders wore during the Middle Ages and the Crusaders were all Catholic and the KKK dislike catholics.

The KKK were first formed in a city in Tennessee in 1865 but this group eventually disbanded. Since then there have been various revivals, splinter groups, offshoots, etc. and unsurprisingly, Tennessee is one of the states that contains several KKK groups that are in operation to this day as well as many other racist groups (Tennessee contains an estimated 37 racist groups in total which is probably why they are considered to be the 6th most racist state and one of the most dumbest states in America). Other states that have KKK related groups include Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas and North Carolina.
The Ku Klux Klan are a band of stupid, racist rednecks that inhabit the Southern United States. Texas tends to house most of the these KKK groups with Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee following suit. These states also contain quite a bit of violence, racial contempt and lack of intelligence which correlates with their low IQ scores.
by Preacher of Truth November 29, 2014
kkk a group of people against negro and jews .. also know as white power and white pride
huhh??? what examples do you want me to write!! it's people who kill negro !
by Alexe February 20, 2005

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