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A clan on halo2 4 folks who need to feel special.They have a gay ranking system and most of them make u change ur icon or gamertag.They have 3000 different branches and each of them are equally gay.
I use to be in KSI until they said i had to make 5 ppl join the clan so i can be promoted to a 'member'.....

post game lobby

KSIxB1gF4gx:"Does anybody wanna join KSI?"
Me(King904):"Kill Yo Self!"
KSIxB1gF4gx:"Come on man,Please!"
by king 904 May 25, 2007
The ultimate clan for douche bags on Halo 2 or Halo3. They feel the need to act superior to everyone they know (including Jesus) and make you change your whole profile to fit theirs. They also have an extremely faggish ranking system that only makes sense if you are mentally retarded. They really aren't good at halo, but make themselves look good by adding many people. They just plain suck. Even the Teletubbie clan is better than KSI.
~Pre-game lobby~

KSIxXd0uch3Xx: Hey you want to join KSI?

JohnnyAppleseed: No, I heard you are a bunch of 43-year old pedophiles who want to melest teenagers.

KSIxXd0uch3Xx: Uhh... Ummm... that's not true.

JohnnyAppleseed: Well that clan sucks anyways. I would rather join the Teletubbie or Hello Kitty clan. Both of of those clans could kick your ass.

KSIxXd0uch3Xx: Come on man, I'll suck your dick if you join...

JohnnyAppleseed: No, I'll pass. I don't want to be in a clan full of gay cock suckers.
by FUSION SHANK April 16, 2008
KSI (Kissing Sphincters Indiscriminately) are a community of anilingus enthusiasts on XBox Live.
John: Dude, why does the mic on this headset smell like ass?
Jeff: Oh, I joined KSI the other week and they made me sell my toothbrush.
by Big Jez October 17, 2013
A special kind of kiss, created by two special faces at Keele University in the Spring of 2009
She gave him ksises because it was far better than giving him kisses, obv.
by Keele Beb April 16, 2009
A clan for halo 2 and halo 3. Stands for Killing Spree Inc. They have many branches and make you follow many rules. In the beginning they were good, but over the past few years have dropped dramatically letting virtually anyone in.
I was asked to be in the KSI clan, but I declined.
by k0lt0n November 27, 2007
Online Gaming Community consisting of over 12,000 members, spanning across many different games, including, but not limited to: Halo 2, Halo 3, CoD4, Runescape, WoW, Battlefield: Bad Company, and many more. An age restriction of 17+ was installed in May of 2008 in order to weed out whiney and immature gamers, and to improve the community as a whole. KSI stands for Knowledge, Strength, Integrity. (see

KSI is made up of 45 different divisions, with names such as Double Helix, Synthetic Reality, etc.

Gamers joining are required to change their icons and mottos to reflect their squad and division. Example, joining the squad Fatality in the Synthetic Reality Division would show up on your Motto as, "KSI Fatality SR."

Any who question the authenticity of KSI are encouraged to add KSI Kryox on Xbox Live.
"Can I join KSI pl0x0rz??!"
by KSI Kryox July 30, 2008
KSI is an acronym for a gaming community/organization that is over 10,000 members strong. KSI stands for Knowledge Strength Integrity AND Killing Services
Incorporated. Members from this clan have gone to MLG events, and KSI has their own professional players. A common misconception is that: "If you are in KSI, you have to be good at that game." This statement is incorrect by all means. KSI has clans that welcome all gamers aged 16. and older. KSI does have pro clans in fact that you DO have to be good at to join. KSI, as a community discourages and despises cheating in any way. KSI is also a professional organization, made up of its members. KSI keeps clans well kept, and organized. KSI has a ranking structure, a uniform policy, and a GamerTag change policy to reach leadership ranks in the ranking structure. KSI, overall is a good gaming community/organization that enjoys interacting with eachother, and having fun.
1) That guy we met in matchmaking last night was in KSI.
2) That KSI guy is pretty good.
by KSI Kill Sins 7 November 06, 2007
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