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originates from being under the influence of ketamine, but is accepted in generalized terms as being fucked up on pretty much anything, not just k.
dude, i am extremely k-rocked to the max.
by dps June 21, 2004
to make a mess or to dirty up an area.
Thurston- "This basement is filthy, nasty, and it stinks!"
D'Ron-"Yeah man this place is really krocked up."
by encil69 August 09, 2009
To get and accept a meeting request at 4:30 on a Friday.
Fuck I am never going to get out of this place tonight Dan, I just got K-Rocked.
by pdawgs September 01, 2011
Verb-To make a mess;to make dirty

Adj-Very dirty or messy

Noun-Kevin's basement
Kevin and his family krocked up their basement.
by Bobby112234 August 10, 2009