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Bright, clever, intelligent, with looks to boot. She embodies style. Her beauty requires little make-up, though she'll never leave the house without lipstick. She is a domestic goddess, maintaining house, kids, and dogs with seemingly no effort. The proof that it really IS an effort is in her buff arms, which could easily be used for celebrity body-double purposes. She is the best of the Enjoli Woman and Martha Stewart.
by italia7 February 03, 2010
138 68
One of the coolest people you will ever meet. She is always there when you need her. She likes to kiss her guy friends. She got that cashflow. Drives a silver mustang, and dont take shit from no one.
"She be fly",
Nah, she be kristin
by NikkiBFLY May 19, 2008
2278 885
Wondeful in millions of ways. There are no words that describe the sheer radiance of this beautiful creature. Wise beyond her years she can tap into nature and reveal all of its secrets with nothing more than a smile. An angel in disguise she is free-spirited and fun loving. Recognized as one of the most sensual and erotic lovers. One could only wish to tame this wild temptress. Graced by god.
"ohhhhh Kristin.... OOOOhhhhhhh Kristin!!!!!!"
by WillyWhacker WR November 30, 2009
1418 540
The most loving, beautiful, caring and amzing girlfriend.
You're best friend.
Kristin is so beautiful.
by Elaine3 January 27, 2009
1363 561
Sexy Bitch and a sex goddess, no one can ever imagine...
Wow...now she is a kristin!
by Baby Girl Chandra January 14, 2007
822 496
The most amazing friend you will ever have. Beautiful inside and out. Amazing. The shit.
Oh my gosh she's perfect.
Yeah, that's Kristin.
by booger1913 February 04, 2010
495 213
a language used by someone who wants sex, used to turn people on.
i wanted to bone her, so i talked kristin.
by fawnsworth bentley II May 25, 2007
1097 826
A brown skinned urban goddess. Intelligent, Beautiful, and Interesting, Kristin can be a man's upbringing as well as his downfall.
He thought no one to be as beautiful as Kristin.
by Darell January 31, 2008
559 309