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An Indonesian cigarette, a blend of tobacco and cloves. They taste better and last longer than most other cigarettes.

American kretek smokers are always young, listen to Slint, and like to watch movies like 8 1/2. Djarum Blacks are especially popular with these people because the cigarette paper, as the name suggests, is black.
Loser: "You think you're so cool with your funny smelling cigarette..."

Cool kid: "It's called a kretek, hon. And, yes, I am."
#butt #cigarette #cloves #tobacco #kretik
by sanfud n sun April 30, 2006
a clove cigarette named after the sound it makes while it burns
"can i bum a kretek?"

"kretek kretek"
#cloves #clove #cigarette #burning #juggalos #bum
by hotsexbaby February 06, 2006
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