A bad attitude, a temper, specially for kkids with bad manners.
My son got kratos when he realize I wouldnt buy him God of War.
by Toronto Raptors January 24, 2008
the angriest character in video game history
kratos will crush anybody
by Eazy-X May 30, 2008
Utter fucking failure of a protagonist. Originates from the PS2 game God of War, (a Devil May Cry ripoff which caters to 12-year old boys), where he grunts alot and swings around a weapon that defies the laws of phyisics. Despite his glaring flaws, Kratos is also quite revolutionary in the sense that he is the first openly gay video game character since Streets of Rage, and also the first video game character ever to recieve quadruple anal penetration on screen.
Kratos is believed to be an alias of Hard Gay.
by nutrient asparagus September 10, 2006

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