the most kicc ass person on the planet from the game god of war, he can kicc Chuck Norris's ass any damn day.
Kratos is the shiiiiiiiiit!!
by SouthEndCuzz January 21, 2009
1. Most badass video game character ever. Of the God of War video game series.

2. A word to call someone who is totally badass.

3. To Kratos someone means to totally demolish a person.
1. -"Just played God of War 3 and it blew my mind man"

-"Told ya this game is borderline badass!"

2. -"Dude Samuel L. Jackson is freakin Kratos!

-"Yeah man and he didnt even blink"

3. -"Bitch blow my dick or you gonna get kratosed!"

-"Please don't hurt me.."
by penis_yes thats my real name April 20, 2010
The highest level of ass-kicking physically possible. Named for the protagonist of the God of War video game series, Kratos. "Kratosing" someone generally involves stabbing, bone breaking, eye-gouging, head tearing, and occasionally disembowelment.
Officer 1: What happened here?
Officer 2: Dodecatuple homicide.
Officer 1: Dudes got seriously Kratosed.
by Wilson Poole June 14, 2010
Angrier than before.
God of War 3 is just sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kratos has a lot of balls to against a bunch of pity gods....
by Mia Carissima February 28, 2010
He is apparently the guy from God of War, but I know his as the mercenary from Tales of Symphonia. Now, I've beat the game so I'm not going to spoil anything just incase you haven't. Kratos is one of the main characters, and he is a kick ass fighter. He is also very hot. Kratos was hired as a mercenary by Colette's grandmother, and then proceded to help Colette, Lloyd, and the rest of the group in an attempt to save Sylvarant.
Kratos killed the monster with one slash of his sword.
by Jeshicka July 11, 2005
an employee who loves younger people and tries to make money on the side by selling man gravy. they are also known for being semi-retarded and trying to act black.
kratos: yo whats up guidos lets go to the club!! i got a fresh batch of crack!
six-year-old boy: sounds goods to me!!!!!!
by bigmaclover1 May 07, 2010
One who kills a lot of people, loses his family, kills a god, cries, trys to kill himself, fails, then becomes a god.
Boss:"Why hasn't John showed up for work the past week?"
Isaac:"Didn't you hear? He's a Kratos now"
Boss:"I'm so sorry."
by shcoome March 01, 2010

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